“Today the fans respect Wilder differently, despite losing,” says Teddy Atlas.

“Hoy los aficionados respetan a Wilder de forma diferente, a pesar de perder”, señala Teddy Atlas

Teddy atlas, coach and boxing commentator, assured that after the good fight he gave Deontay Wilder against Tyson fury and despite losing, fans have begun to respect him.

“The fans saw something when he lost … but it was something magnificent,” he said. Atlas in an interview with Submission Radio. “It was something beautiful. Something glorious, something noble. It was a man fighting for his identity, a man fighting for his life. Fighting for the right to live his life feeling like a champion, behaving like a champion ”.

That attitude is what has made Wilder earns the respect of the fans, according to the coach.

“That’s what he did (Deontay Wilder) that night and that’s why the fans now respect him in a completely different way, even though he lost, “he said. Teddy Atlas.

Deontay Wilder had poor opposition, according to Teddy Atlas

Atlas also highlighted that Deontay Wilder he had had a career without any real rivals.

Wilder fought with a group of carefully selected guys, “he argued Atlas. “Who did he beat? Apart from (Lewis) Ortiz that he was 40 years old, who did he beat? It was as if a bunch of pins were lined up for him and he knocked them down. He fought his first battle royal, perhaps, with (Tyson) Fury and many people thought they had lost. He gets a draw, then a rematch fight and then they run him over. “

For the moment, Wilder the right hand drive will need to be operated on, as it was injured in the middle rounds in the third fight against Fury.

Shelly Finkel, the boxer’s co-manager revealed that in the next few days he will have to visit the operating room to fix that defect in his hand and he can rest and recover at his home in Alabama to think about next rivals to face.

Deontay he broke his right hand behind the third knuckle and he has to fix it next week, ”he said.

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