Who are the best left-handed boxers in history?

Who are the best left-handed boxers in history?

The Boxing Hall of Fame of Las Vegas, Nevada, created a list of the 10 best left-handed boxers in the history of world sport.

The classification was made based on the fighters who have been inducted into that venue, although the text emphasized Manny Pacquiao, who in the future will be in this place.

Other media have counted the best left-handed fighters in history in general.

These are the best left-handed boxers in history, according to the Boxing Hall of Fame

1.- Marvin “Marvelous” Hagler

U.S. With a 62-3-2 record, 52 KO’s. He was middleweight champion of the WBA, IBF and WBC.

2.- Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

Philippine. WBC World Fly Champion, IBF Super Bantamweight, WBO Super Bantamweight, IBF Feather, WBA Feather, WBC Super Feather, WBC Lightweight, WBO and WBA Welterweight, WBC Super Welterweight. He has a 62-7-2 record, 39 KO’s.

Photo: Pxfuel.

3.- Joe “Pride of Wales” Calzaghe

Welsh. WBO Super Middle Champion, IBF Super Middle Champion, WBA Super Middle Champion and WBC Super Middle Champion. He retired undefeated with 46 fights won, 32 of them by knockout.

4.- Vicente “Zurdo de Oro” Saldívar

Mexican. Featherweight world champion of the WBC and WBA. He left a record of 37-3-0, 26 “anesthetized”. He is also one of the best Mexican fighters in history.

5.- Khaosai Galaxy

Thai. WBA super flyweight world champion. He only lost one battle in his entire career and beat 47 fighters (41 KO’s).

6.- Gabriel “Flash” Elorde

Philippine. WBC and WBA Super Featherweight World Champion. He beat 83 opponents (33 KO’s), lost to 27 and tied with two.

7.- Laszlo “Laci” Papp

Hungarian. A strange case. He won three Olympic golds in London 1948, Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956. In the professional field he fought 29 times, won 27 and drew two. As Hungary was a communist country, he was denied a visa to be able to fight for a world title.

8.- Tiger “Georgia Deacon” Flowers

U.S. Middleweight world champion. He holds the title of being the first black man to win a 160-pound world title. They say he went up to the ring with a bible. His record is extensive, 117 wins (54 KO’s), 15 losses and seven draws.

9.- Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker

U.S. IBF Light World Champion, WBC Light World Champion, WBA Light World Champion, IBF Super Feather World Champion, WBC Welterweight World Champion and WBA Super Welterweight World Champion. His record was 40-4-1, 17 KO’s.

10.- Michael “Second To” Nunn

U.S. IBF World Middleweight Champion and WBA Super Middleweight World Champion. He posted a 58-4-0 mark, 37 KO’s.

Do left-handed boxers win more fights?

Science has an answer and that is yes, left-handed boxers win more fights. The data is revealed in a study prepared by the researcher Thomas richardson, an evolutionary biologist and doctoral student at the United Kingdom University of Manchester.

To carry out the study, an analysis of 10,000 boxers and mixed martial arts fighters was elaborated. Richardson found that lefties win a higher percentage of fights.

“The results show that a randomly selected left-handed fighter would have a higher rating than a randomly selected right-handed fighter 54% of the time,” he told CNN.

Why? Well the answer is simple. When a boxer faces another who is left-handed, they may be disoriented by the opponent’s posture. It is because it is normal to face right-handers and there are fewer left-handers.


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