Who is Jamel Herring? Why they say Semper Fi, professional record and titles

Quién es jamel herring

Jamel herring He not only considers himself a boxer, he is also a marine. He enlisted in 2003, right after the attack on the Twin Towers. There is much to tell about the boxer and that is why we tell you who he is Jamel herring, his record and titles as a professional.

This Saturday October 23, Jamel herring and Shakur stevenson face off for the WBO junior lightweight title of Herring, at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Who is Jamel Herring?

Jamel herring He grew up in a Gordon Heights neighborhood in Coram, New York. Before he was 17 years old, his best friend told him to enlist as a marine, because if he stayed on the street he would end up selling drugs.

Photo: Jamel Herring (Twitter)

He enlisted, they accepted him and immediately sent him to Iraq. He describes himself as arrogant, he did not accept being sent, he was sure he had an amateur boxing career, but the others did not care, he was one more.

“When I came to Iraq I was arrogant about my great amateur boxing career, but those sergeants didn’t care who I was,” he told Marca.

After returning from the 2012 London Olympics, Jamel decided to resign his service as a Marine and become a professional boxer. Since then his record is 25 fights, 23 wins, 11 by way of knockout and two losses.

He holds the junior lightweight title by the World Boxing Organization (WBO), and is ranked as the fourth best active junior lightweight in the world by the magazine. The Ring.

It is also called Semper Fi, The Latin phrase that means ‘Always faithful’, is related to him for being faithful to the Navy and his daughter, who died, despite everything his marines were always with him.

This Saturday he faces Shakur stevensonHe is not the favorite, but he is going to defend his title and he knows that if he wins, he can be one of the best in his category.


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