Who is Jennifer Dickerson Herring, Jamel Herring’s wife?

Esposa de Jamel Herring

Jamel herring has two strengths: his powerful left hand and his wife, but who is the wife of Jamel herring? Jennifer dickerson It is the woman behind the boxer, who has been with her husband in the most difficult moments, when he was crying, she picked him up.

In the ring, Herring He is a scary person, he can even betray, but with his wife he is another person. With her he is loving, he is a good father and a role model for many people who know him closely.

Who is Jennifer Dickerson?

Herring He has been with his wife for just over 20 years and they have had six children. They met when they were both teenagers, dating for a long time until they decided to get married in 2015.

Photo: Jennifer Herring (Twitter)

Jennifer Dickerson Herring She is very active in social networks, she publishes photos with her husband and children, they always show themselves as a happy marriage. He has more than three thousand followers on Instagram and two thousand on Twitter, where he plays an active role in promoting the fights of Jamel herring.

In 2004, Jennifer gave birth to her first child Kamren herring. Three years later he came into his life Stephen Herring. In 2009, he was born Ariyanah herring and in 2010, Jamel herring jr. Jazmyne herring in 2013 and Justice Hering in 2017.

Unfortunately, Ariyanah He was born with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and passed away one year after his birth. His loss was a severe blow to the family, therefore Jamel herring He wears it in his shorts in all his fights.

Jennifer dickerson She is a loving person who takes care of her children and is always close to her husband. The woman knows Jamel very well, she knows when something is wrong and must hug the boxer.

She is key in the relationship, she shows it every day and shares it on social networks.


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