“With Jackie Nava I don’t have to worry about tricky fighters”: Barby Juárez expects a fair fight

Jackie Nava Barby Juárez pelea limpia

Mariana “Barby” Juárez assured that the fight with Jackie Nava It will spark sparks in the ring and that, regardless of the result and who comes out with their hands up, both will be winners and the fans will enjoy a great duel.

“I have a great fighter in front of me,” said the Barby juarez in an interview with the promoter Zanfer. “It is a fight that is going to spark in the ring. As I told her, we are both going to win because we are very good in the ring, people are going to enjoy that great duel ”.

Mariana Juarez It is concentrated in the Otomí Ceremonial Center. There last details for the fight of Jackie Nava vs Barby Juarez to be held on October 30 at the Municipal Auditorium of Tijuana, in which the super rooster pink Diamond Belt of the World Boxing Council.

With Jackie Nava, Barby Juárez doesn’t have to worry about a dirty or tricky fighter

In an interview published by the promoter Zanfer, the boxer from the capital said that before the Aztec Princess she will go out to have fun. She is sure that she will not have to worry as she has with the tricks of other rivals.

“In this fight I’m going to have fun,” he said. Mariana. “Doing what I know how to do, which is boxing, as I started. There is a great fighter in front of me that I don’t have to worry about doing something wrong or being crafty like in other fights (other rivals), who have proven to have done things ”.

Mariana, who assured that things have happened in her life that have made her mature more in the last two years, was satisfied that now the fight with Jackie. Many people in Mexico and even worldwide were waiting for her.

“It is a very important fight,” added the Barby. “Jackie It is of the boxers also in Mexico very representative. We are one of the pioneers, it has not been easy for either of us to get where we are. It is a fight that all of Mexico and worldwide is waiting for ”.

Barby Juárez, the first woman to lead concentration in Otomí

On the other hand, he said that on other occasions he had been to the Otomí Ceremonial Center, but as support for other boxers. Now being the one who leads a concentration is one more motivation, since she would be the first woman to do so on that stage.

The Otomí Ceremonial Center has been the mythical headquarters in the preparation of hundreds of Mexican fighters. Factors such as the high altitude, the wooded climate and the isolation, combine for a great concentration and achieve great athleticism.

“I had come to the Otomí to training camps, I was not the one who came and settled in. Now him Team Barby arrived at Otomí, it is incredible what one can achieve, we never imagined that a woman’s team could be focused for such an important fight. For me they are points to continue to achieve in my career, to leave that mark, I think it is the first time that a woman has been the leader of a concentration here ”.

Mariana Juarez and Jackie Nava They will meet on October 30 in Tijuana, a fight that has been planned since August 2018 and that will finally take place.

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