Workshops (Córdoba) vs. River Plate – Game Report – October 21, 2021

Workshops (Córdoba) vs.  River Plate - Game Report - October 21, 2021

( – River took a huge step towards the championship: in Córdoba and with one man less from seven minutes into the game, he beat Talleres 2-0, played a great game and scored seven points in the table. League Tournament positions.

In this way, the Millionaire adds 39 points against 32 of the Cordovan, the only escorts, while Boca and Lanús arrive further back, with 30.

It is true that there are still seven dates left for the end of the League, but it seems that with this victory it will be very difficult for Núñez’s men to lose the title.

The game started with great intensity. Too much, one might say. As an example, it is enough to review what happened just seven minutes into the game, when Felipe Peña saw the red for a terrible shot at Juan Méndez.

Almost from the changing room River was left with 10 men. They were favorable moments of the game for Talleres, who took advantage of the emotional blow to press River near his goal.

Michael Santos lost the 1 to 0 only against Armani, defining very wide when he was hand in hand with the goalkeeper. But beyond this action and some dangerous approaches, River controlled the rival.

And when he could get out fast, he exposed the rival defense, well ahead in the field and several times poorly synchronized.

In one of the clearest arrivals, Guido Herrera covered Julián Alvarez’s goal below the arc. Until at 41 minutes, when the visitor had begun to control the actions, the opening of the scoreboard arrived.

The T fell asleep in a free kick where they enabled Santiago Simón on the right side, the youth sent a spicy center to the area and Robert Rojas, entering as 9, scored the goal.

In addition, the problems of the premises were exacerbated, because he never found his way to the Armani arc.

The minutes passed and River strengthened more and more despite the numerical inferiority. Alvarez was expectant before each counterattack and it seemed that Gallardo’s men were closer to second than the locals in the tie.

And that happened at 25 minutes. Alvarez faced with spaces, surpassed his rival and lucidly gave a goal pass to Braian Romero (he was returning from an injury), who had just entered, for the 2-0.

It was a match that made clear the great superiority of the Millionaire over the rest of the teams in the Argentine tournament. It was never noticed, except in some passages, that River had one man less from the beginning of the game.

This occurred despite the fact that in front was the escort led by Cacique Medina, who played at home and had a solid game and arguments to complicate it in the previous one.

The key, undoubtedly, continues to be the great performance of the millionaire team, which despite the losses and name changes plays by heart. And of course, the Doll’s hand.

River thus took a deserved victory (the seventh the thread) in a match where he took the champion’s badge. And he achieved three points that bring him closer and closer to the first local championship that Marcelo Gallardo hopes so much.

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