Americas Pacific Challenge: Uruguay A defeated Brazil A 28-12 at the start of the tournament

Americas Pacific Challenge: Uruguay A defeated Brazil A 28-12 at the start of the tournament

Uruguay A beat Brazil A 28-12 at the start of the Americas Pacific Challenge which takes place at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo. The winner prevailed in the first half and held on in the complement.

The Charrúas wanted to stomp at home and that is how they showed themselves at the start, Matias D’avanzo with a long-distance penalty broke the zero. In a Uruguayan wave came the tries of Emiliano Faccennini, through line and maul, then after an exquisite play from the backs and a great definition from Koba Brazionis they went ahead 18 to 0.

Due to repeated infractions, Endy Pinheiro saw the yellow card and this was a clear opportunity for the Charrúa to stretch the difference, again using the line and maul, although this time the manager was Ignacio Peculo.

The wear was seen in the complement, Uruguay A could not contain the Brazilian players who added with a powerful maul. As a result of the psychic impulse, Lucas Ferrer Spago dressed as a magician and took a brushstroke from the galley to shorten the difference and thus leave the score 25 to 12.

In the final minutes the rain stopped and that was a factor to slow down the game, both teams played short and could not take advantage.


URUGUAY (28): 1. Mateo Perillo 2. Emiliano Faccennini 3. Ignacio Peculo 4. Felipe Aliaga 5. Juan Garese © 6. Lucas Bianchi 7. Tomás Etcheverry 8. Carlos Deus 9. Santiago Alvarez 10. Matias D’avanzo 11. Bautista Basso 12. Felipe Arcos Perez 13. Koba Brazionis 14. Mateo Viñals15. Baltazar Amaya

Entered: 16.Santiago Bonasso 17.Nicolás Arciet 18. Faustino Etchegorry 19.Federico Dibueno 20.Lucas Piriz 21. Juan Zuccarino 22. Santiago Percivale 23. Santiago Gervaz

Trainers: Oscar Duran

BRAZIL (12): 1. Alexandre Alves, 2. Endy Pinheiro, 3. Henrique Ferreira, 4. Gabriel Paganini, 5. Kauá Guimaraes, 6. Adrio Luiz, 7. Pedro Aparecido, 8. Matheus Claudio (C), 9. Douglas Rauth, 10. Lucas Ferrer Spago, 11. Robert Tenorio, 12. Joel Dos Santos, 13. Gabriel Quirino, 14. Daniel Lima Maranhao.

Entered: 16. Leonardo Da Silva, 17. Piero Pozzi, 18. Joel Ramírez, 19. Gabriel Oliveira, 20. Maiki dos Santos, 21. Felipe Goncalves, 22. Carlos Moura, 23. Robson Morais.

Trainers: Fernando Portugal

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 3 ́ penalty Matías D’avanzo (URU). 9 ́ Try by Emiliano Faccennini, Matías D’avanzo converts (URU). 14 ‘Try by Koba Brazionis, converts Matías D’avanzo (URU). 30 ‘Try by Ignacio Peculo, Erra Matías D’avanzo (URU). 40 ‘penalty Matías D’avanzo (URU).

Partial result: Uruguay A 25-0 Brazil A

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 56 ‘penalty Matías D’avanzo (URU). 59 ́ Try by Leonardo De Souza Da Silva, erra Lucas Ferrer Spago (BRA). 67 ‘Try by Lucas Ferrer Spago, converts Carlos Moura (BRA).

Final score: Uruguay A 28 – 12 Brazil A

Banns: 29´yellow to Endy Pinheiro (Brazil)

BASKETBALL COURT: Charrúa Stadium (Montevideo)

REFEREE: Gonzalo De Achával

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