Caleb Plant warns Canelo: “That night there will be many lessons”

Canelo Álvarez vs. Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant, super middleweight champion by the FIB, he warned Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez that “there will be lessons” the night of November 6 when the four belts of the division are unified.

“I am literally about to walk and fulfill my destiny, so it is something that I really believe in my head,” he said in an interview with Fight Hub TV. “I really believe it in my heart and I’m looking forward to November 6 to go out in the ring and fulfill it. There will be many lessons ”.

Since the negotiations between the two boxers began, there have been several frictions that have led to heating up the fight.

First, the American criticized him for not closing the deal, although it was later concluded.

While at the promotional press conference, Plant and Canelo They had a physical altercation when the Mexican pushed the American and the latter responded with a slap. Saul He connected three more and injured his right cheekbone.

“What led me to hit him was that he pushed me,” he replied. Caleb. “If you put your hands on me like that, they might not agree with me. So why he got irritated and lost his mind is a question for him. “

Plant takes it personal for unification

Unlike what you said Canelo Alvarez That it got personal the moment he messed with his mom and because of the altercation, Caleb Plant he took it more calmly.

“You can’t get more personal than fighting for the undisputed (championship),” he said. “I take that altercation as a grain of salt, I have been in several fights in my life and that is not at the top of the list, so it was only one thing.”

Finally, he pointed out what his combat plan will be in search of becoming the first universal champion at 168 pounds.

“Just being myself,” he pointed out. “I feel like if I go in and be myself, that will be the key to victory. I feel like I have all the tools to raise my hand ”.

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