Canelo Álvarez tattoos: How many does he have, what do they say and what do they mean?

Tatuajes del Canelo Álvarez

There is something that we cannot go unnoticed of Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, every time we see him in the ring, we can see his torso and arm, so the question arises, what do the tattoos mean? Canelo Alvarez?

At first glance we can see several on the arm and a phrase on the back, yes, they all have to do with his career in boxing or with his family.

The tattoos of Canelo Álvarez

According to the portal “Body art guru”, the Mexican boxer has around 14 tattoos on different parts of his body. All of his tattoos have an important meaning that reminds him of the sacrifice within his career and the love he has for his family.

Phrases, drawings, numbers and other creations are what the Canelo on his body and that have been made with ink.

Photo: Canelo (Instagram)

On the neck on the right side, the boxer had the word ‘perseverance’ tattooed vertically. On his left forearm he has the face of his eldest daughter, Emily Cinnamon Alvarez, which was made in 2018.

The most famous tattoo is the one on his back, the one you see every time he goes out to the ring. It is a motivational phrase in English that says: “Fate is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. Life is difficult, but never give up. Keep fighting and always believe in yourself to achieve your dreams ”.

As a token of love to his wife Fernanda Gomez, Saul got his eyes tattooed near the elbow of his left arm, the work was done by Dr. Woo in 2019.

Canelo Álvarez tattoos
Photo: Who.

“No boxing no life”, is the phrase that can be seen on his left arm, it is one of the ways to honor the sport. Right next to it he has a portrait of his daughter Maria Fernanda, is one of the most recent tattoos.

The other tattoos

On his left shoulder he has “XXIX-X-MMV”, which becomes October 29, 2005, the date of his professional boxing debut.

On his left forearm he has “XII.X.MMVII” (October 12, 2007), on his wrist “27-08-2018” and “December 28, 2017” on his back near the neck, although it is not known what mean.

He also wears the word “Canela” on his left arm, in reference to his eldest daughter and her nickname. The Mexican roots are present with a lady with a plume on her left forearm.

It shows off the drawing of a rose on the same forearm, which is a symbol of new hopes, new beginnings, good changes, promises and true love.

One of the most romantic is the one he has at stake with his wife Fernanda GomezHe wears a king’s crown and she wears a queen’s with the date XXIII. XI. MMXIV (November 23, 2014), perhaps the day they began their courtship.


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