Everything you have to know in the previous to the 11th date of all the superior categories of the URBA

Everything you have to know in the previous to the 11th date of all the superior categories of the URBA

This Saturday the tenth date of all the superior categories of the URBA: First A, B, C, Second, Third and Development they will have a day of pure action again.

From 4:00 p.m. you can follow the duel in which Pueyrredón will receive Lomas Athletic by First A, live on Star + and also available on ESPN Extra.

First A
Los Matreros vs. National Bank

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: After a promising start the last three dates were uphill for Los Matreros. Is that for the cast of La Base the defeat in Estancias del Pilar (52-28 vs Champagnat) was a hard blow to absorb. On the following day he beat San Carlos with great effort, by the minimum, 20-19 and on Saturday he lost in Olivos by 34 to 32 against the local team. Banco Nación, for its part, is a team that had intermittences in its performance that went from low to high. The overwhelming success against San Albano by 44 to 29, left him with high expectations and the chance to play a place in a direct match against Los Matreros, with all the desire to get among the best four.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Los Matreros had an excellent start in the category after arriving from a minor division, being the last champion of the Primera B in 2019. But the points they left after the fall against Atlético del Rosario took them away from the two leaders (today They are ten points from Plaza and Champagnat). At Banco Nación they know they can still classify. The clash at La Base will be vital for that, since afterwards they will have San Patricio and Atlético del Rosario, with the Rosario already classified and all that invites him to dream.

BACKGROUND: In 2018 they played for the First A playoffs, where Banco Nación kept the category by winning by 34 to 19. The last victory of Los Matreros on their court was in 2014, by 18 to 15.

They complete: Pueyrredón vs. Lomas Athletic, Curupaytí vs. Champagnat, Atlético del Rosario vs. San Carlos, San Patricio vs. Olivos, San Albano vs. Mariano Moreno, and Deportiva Francesa vs. La Plata.

First B
Naval Lyceum vs. Delta RC

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Suddenly everything was compressed in the First B, since except for San Cirano (classified) and San Martín, there are five teams that were tight in only six points and with two places to be decided, a situation that will be defined in the three remaining dates for meet the four semifinalists. Liceo Naval was played by San Martín and San Cirano on two consecutive dates, with which they lost in some highly contested duels, 37 to 25 and 24 to 18, respectively. Delta got into the fight even though she wasn’t among those targeted. The victory of the last week against Manuel Belgrano by 20 to 18, was vital to be fifth and have everything to risk reaching the classification.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: With only two points difference between the two clubs, everything was left open in the fight for qualification. With a very decisive team in the division –San Cirano- and the difference that San Martín made (second, with a six-point advantage), the fight for the remaining places will be between Liceo Naval, Hurling, Delta, Manuel Belgrano and SITAS.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2017, when they were measured by the First B tournament, after the restructuring. In that season, Liceo Naval won both games, 38-22 and 38-18. Yacaré has not won in Núñez since 2016 (41-40).

Complete: San Fernando vs. San Martín, City of Bs. As. Vs. San Cirano, Manuel Belgrano vs. Hurling, Daom vs. San Andrés, SITAS vs. Gymnastics and Fencing, and Don Bosco vs. University of La Plata

First C
Luján RC vs. Military High School

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The falls of Vicentinos and Club Italiano slightly compressed the standings that CUQ leads very firmly, the only undefeated of the First C. Thus, the duel between Luján and Liceo Militar opened the chances for the cast of La Basílica that has its last chance to get into the fight for fourth place. Last Saturday he beat the Naval Center as a visitor by 36 to 19, while Liceo Militar, the direct rival, clearly surpassed Areco by 36 to 3.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The curiosity between both clubs marked a parity in the record of triumphs and defeats with which they arrive at the eleventh date (7/3). However, the six points of difference in favor of Liceo Militar are explained by the six offensive bonuses that the tricolor obtained over the La Basílica team. To qualify, Luján will have to beat Liceo Militar and play the remainder against Club Italiano and Vicentinos, no less.

BACKGROUND: Four antecedents between both clubs since 2016, with all triumphs from Liceo Militar. They have not played in Luján since 2017, when the military thrashed 54-21.

They complete: The Retreat vs. CASA de Padua, Lanús RC vs. Viceroys, Monte Grande vs. Naval Center, Areco RC. vs. Italian Club, Old Georgian vs. Vicentinos, and Atlético y Progreso vs. CU Quilmes.

Albatros vs. Argentinian Rugby

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: They had already anticipated it, the best came at the end of the tournament, with the crosses between several of the clubs involved in the qualifying positions. With Argentino de Rugby classified for the semifinals as the only undefeated, Albatros comes fifth and seven units from fourth place. The game in Barrio Hernández will be key for the locals, who come from playing a great game at Saint Brendan’s although they lost it by 38 to 30. Albatros lost the third of the tournament and was very committed in the fight for qualification. CAR is a machine, it meets one of its best seasons at URBA, with great authority in its division. He comes from thrashing Los Cedros 82-3 with 12 tries supported by the only undefeated in the category.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The locals arrive very complicated, especially because of the difference of seven points that they will have to deduct to reach fourth place. The key game is the one they must play this weekend against CAR, because the ones that remain later are Tigre and San Marcos, more accessible rivals than this, the only leader. Avellaneda’s team shone for its forcefulness, with 543 goals reaching the defining dates with more than 50 points scored per game. In the remainder they will face Albatros, Mercedes and Del Sur, clubs that are involved in the fight for qualification.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2016, when Albatros thrashed by 50 to 5. CAR has not won in Barrio Hernández since 2010, when he did it by 31 to 0.

They complete: San Miguel RHC vs. Del Sur Rugby, Mercedes RC vs. Saint Brendan´s RC, Los Cedros vs. Tigre RC, GE Ituzaingó vs. San Marcos, Atlético Chascomús vs. Tiro Federal de San Pedro, and Las Cañas RC vs. La Salle

Los Pinos vs. Bco. Mortgage

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Last Saturday the first three classifieds in the category were defined: Porteño, Varela and Los Molinos are already in the semifinals when there is only one date left to play. The last place will depend on Los Pinos, who comes four points ahead of Ciudad de Campana, the only club that can displace him. The green and white cast comes from falling 14-12 in Varela. Meanwhile, Banco Hipotecario, which could not overcome Campana at home last Saturday, lost 32-26, and said goodbye to the classification.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Only one point will give the classification to the semifinals to the cast of the north zone. Los Pinos already beat Campana in this year’s duel (20-6), so in case of equality in points they run with an advantage over the tricolor. For the bankers, the season was very positive, because they won five games and were competitive. Returning to the courts was the best news for a club that fought hard to overcome the difficulties left by the pandemic.

BACKGROUND: In the duels between 2002 and 2012 there were five wins for Tecario’s. In 2019 they shared the Third Division and on both wheels Los Pinos won, by 11 to 3 and 15 to 12.

They complete: City of Campana vs. Baradero Federal Shot, San José vs. Los Molinos, Arsenal Náutico de Zárate vs. Porteño, Ezeiza vs. Beromama, and Vicente López vs. Varela Jr.

Berisso RC vs. Sanitary Works

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: With Almafuerte, Floresta and Atlético San Andrés already classified, the clash between these last two clubs captures the eyes of this group. Because with a date to play, they will only decide what will be their place in the semifinals, with many chances to meet again at that junction. Thus, the fourth place must be defined between Defenders of Glew, Berisso or Sociedad Hebraica. Berisso, who comes from falling in Ciudad Evita, 26 to 16, has a great opportunity against Obras Sanitarias, which lost eight matches out of nine. Although he must hope that Glew’s Defenders do not add five points, which will be up if he adds the victory with offensive bonus in General Rodríguez, because on the third date he beat him 26-22.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: For the La Plata team there is still a possibility of qualifying: win with a bonus and hope that Glew’s Defenders do not add five points. With an interesting proposition, Berisso was very competitive in the division with a performance superior to other seasons. Obras Sanitarias is going through a very difficult present. He lost consistency and number of players.

BACKGROUND: After an adverse record since joining URBA, Berisso twisted the record against Obras Sanitaria with three victories in a row since 2018. In the last tournament played in 2019, the youngest from La Plata won on two wheels, by 24 to 12 and 19 to 18.

They complete: Municipality of Berazategui vs. Almafuerte, Marcos Paz vs. Sociedad Hebraica, Atlético San Andrés vs. Floresta RC, and PAC Gral. Rodríguez vs. Defenders of Glew.

Free: Rivadavia de Lobos.

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