NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 7

NFL Predictions: Game Plan for Week 7

The NFL and its mysterious ways. In London, the Miami Dolphins, called up to fight for a playoff spot at the start of the 2021 schedule, fought but lost to the seemingly weak Jacksonville Jaguars. The supposedly powerful Buffalo Bills visited the irregular Titans, who, thanks to the inspired evening of Travis Henry, gave the bell.

That’s what the NFL is all about, the excitement provided by its exciting pairings and those that week after week, which is taken for granted, ends up being the classic “result kills pool.”

Which of the Week 7 matches will you challenge the bets this weekend? Would the Washington Redskins have a choice against the Green Bay Packers? Will the Houston Texans be the handsome men who would take away the undefeated Arizona Cardinals?

From this and many other topics our Game plan and their forecasts of which, if you like it through the social networks of our collaborators, claims and praise are allowed.



While the Ravens’ calling card has always been on the ground, the notion that they can’t attack through the air is false. A couple of years ago, Lamar Jackson was the quarterback with the most passing yards in the entire NFL.

When we see a player with different characteristics than what we are used to, the first reaction is to question him. But the reality is that Jackson is a special athlete, who of course must follow his legs, because he has characteristics that no other player can replicate, and that makes the Ravens always in the game. In other words, Lamar must be Lamar, and that includes occasionally hurting you through the air as well.

ALFONSO MANCILLA / Twitter: @poncho_mancilla

As the saying goes “Why move to something that already works?” The Ravens look strong at this start to the season and as contenders despite the injuries that hit them in the preseason and during the first weeks of the calendar.

The driving force has been and must continue to be Jackson, who is not only Baltimore’s leading passer and running back, but also accumulates a whopping record of having surpassed 50 yards per rush in five of the six games this season.

It could happen that Jackson lives in the future a situation similar to that of Michael Vick, who exploited his physical capacity to the maximum at the beginning of his career and then was diluted, but while that happens, Baltimore will have to keep him as the focus of its attack.

IVIS ABURTO / Twitter: @IvisAburto

Lamar Jackson is who he is as a player, and the Ravens depend almost entirely on that identity. I mean, yes, Baltimore must remain a running team with Jackson as the catalyst. In the preseason, offensive coordinator Greg Roman indicated that a system had been worked on in which Jackson would further exploit his qualities as a passer. In Week 1 of the regular season, the Ravens tried and lost a game in which Jackson looked uncomfortable inside the bag.

Once from Week 2 they got back into their style and letting Jackson decide when to use his legs, the Ravens, who weren’t far behind, have elevated their status to serious contender in the AFC.

PABLO VIRUEGA / Twitter: @PabloViruega

The best will always be the balance, but you have to understand the Ravens system and the characteristics of Lamar Jackson. You can’t change a system when you have a quarterback who is oriented to run, even though he has progressed in his passing game.

Greg Roman, Baltimore’s offensive coordinator, has developed a game scheme based on Jackson’s characteristics, very similar to the one he had in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick.

Trying to change the system and the way Jackson played would be detrimental to the team; They will keep running with their quarterback and will occasionally pitch for balance.

The point is that it doesn’t become predictable and that’s where Roman’s creativity comes in to keep attacking on the ground.

This year has been more demanding for Lamar, where perhaps it was not the intention that he ran as much, but the injuries of the main running backs in the preseason forced him to have to throw a little more and for Jackson to go more on the ground.

CARLOS NAVA / Twitter: @TapaNava

It will always be better to have offensive run-pass balance than to have a one-dimensional or single-player attack, as has practically happened in the case of the Ravens, with quarterback Lamar Jackson.

In the NFL it is very difficult to think that teams can be successful in the medium and long term with such a predictable attack. Of the teams they have faced, only the Denver Broncos are in the top five against the race (4); Colts are 14th, and the rest are among the worst in the entire league.

He came out the Sunday before against Cincinnati with 9 of 11 completions, a touchdown without an interception. A week earlier, against the Rams defense they were 27 of 38 and 206 yards, even though they almost never had protection.


SEBASTIAN: Although it is an individual award, I think that a little will have to do with the collective success. Already it is difficult for a rider to win the MVP, but even more so if he is in a team without great aspirations.

The Titans for now lead their division, and Derrick Henry continues to make history with three games of more than 130 yards rushing and three touchdowns. It is a deadly combination of strength and speed. If Henry surpasses 2000 rushing yards, of course he has a chance of winning the MVP.

ALFONSO: Fortunately for those nostalgic for American football in the twentieth century, there is a Derrick Henry, who plays the old-fashioned way: with brute force when carrying the ball.

That said, it is increasingly rare for the value of running backs to be rewarded and recognized, a position that seems secondary in the modern NFL. But Henry is not just any runner. He’s perhaps the best in his position right now and his legs don’t shake when it comes to carrying the offensive weight of the Titans.

If there is a running back who can win the MVP award that would be Henry and he would do it with, surely, all the statistical merit that being the leader of the Titans gives him.

IVIS: It is difficult for a runner with the characteristics of Henry (1.90 m, 112 Kg / 6-3, 247) to endure the passage of a season, and more so now that the calendar is 17 games, but it seems that year after year, Henry is a more skilled, fast and physically dominant player.

In 2020, Henry rushed for 2,207 yards after adding 1,540 in 2019 and 1,059 in 2018, when he started. In the current season, he has 783 yards, a figure that projects him for 2,218.5 yards on the ground, a figure that would mean a new record for a season, which belongs to Eric Dickerson, who rushed for 2,105 in 1984.

In an era where the passing game predominates in the NFL, even if it doesn’t break the Dickerson mark, but does exceed 1,500 yards, Henry must be considered one of the two most viable candidates for the MVP award. The other will be a quarterback.

PABLO: It should be because of the numbers and the impact it has on your team. Tennessee without Derrick Henry would not be the same team on offense. The issue is that in previous years the MVP goes more to the quarterback and they leave the offensive of the year award for a receiver or running back.

Henry is a player who has not suffered serious injuries, but this year with one more game could give a historic season, as well as full of injuries or that the coaches decide to rest players at the end in case there are no changes in the playoff positions.

I think that for now Derrick Henry is one of the favorites for MVP, but, although his performances are extraordinary, what the Qbs do will always be more seen, unfairly.

CHARLIE: Derrick Henry has had a season surpassing 2,000 yards (2,027) and was not even considered the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in 2020. It seems like an award that has been reserved for quarterbacks; 13 of the last 14 were MVPs playing that position.

It will also have to be seen what the Titans can do, despite Henry’s great success. NEITHER in recent years that it has carried all the offensive weight, nor this season, has Tennessee been a consistent team on offense.


SEBASTIAN: At the moment Garoppolo would say because Trey Lance is injured and at the same time not ready to start, but in reality neither team should be dependent on their quarterback. Both the Colts and 49ers should have running identities, and let their quarterback occasionally do damage with playaction.

I see that the Colts are now running less than they should, the same as San Francisco, although in the case of the 49ers I think it was partly because of injuries between running backs. Carson Wentz is starting to show a better version, and we see that good image when they don’t throw more than 30 passes per game.

ALFONSO: If we were to refer to a contest in pursuit of a female audience, surely Mr. Garoppolo would generate one of the largest dependencies in the NFL. But since it’s not just about being a little face, I’d argue that Carson Wentz is taking steps to become the benchmark the Colts expected when they got their services.

Garoppolo has had the misfortune of sustaining injuries and, apparently, losing the support of the fans and the coaching staff. Wentz is in his first year with the team, which relieves the pressure, plus Frank Reich’s hand as his head coach will sooner or later be noticed.

IVIS: The Colts are more reliant on Carson Wentz. On paper, both teams have the talent to get by without their quarterbacks, but the 49ers have already shown that they can live without Jimmy Garoppolo … for a limited time, of course.

On the other hand, although Wentz has played at a good level in recent weeks, the Colts are not a guarantee or with him on the field, much less if he is injured and dependence increases if we remember that behind Wentz on the depth chart are the names by Brett Hundley and Sam Ehlinger.

It’s not that in San Francisco, if Garoppolo isn’t there, Trey Lance inspires the most confidence, but the 49ers’ overall talent makes them less dependent on Jimmy G.


Neither man has any reliable substitutes in that position. The Colts is a team that is designed so that Wentz can be the one to lead the offense, in addition to the understanding he has with Frank Reich and the knowledge of his system.

In San Francisco, Jimmy G is a good quarterback, but the team is more oriented to run the ball and its defense, although at this moment the one who has more experience is Garoppolo to be the one to take the position over Trey Lance, who it is still a near future project.

Lance can lead the team right now as long as he is successful running the ball and that the rookie is not responsible for getting the games, in the case of Colts, Wentz is a fundamental piece in several aspects, not only of the system, but From the experience above the substitutes, the problem is that Wentz often makes mistakes and risks the ball a lot, something that Jimmy G takes good care of.

CHARLIE: The Colts must be a team much more reliant on their quarterback per system than the 49ers, who have been accused that Jimmy Garoppolo is only the driver of the truck in a system supported by running, and suffers too much from injuries.

That’s why they recruited Tray Lance third overall. Colts coach Frank Wright pledged a good part of his own future by bringing Carson Wentz to Indianapolis fully aware that he needed their services to try to transcend.

This happened in 2017 in which he won the Super Bowl with the Eagles and in the regular season he put Wentz as a candidate for Most Valuable Player in the NFL.

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