Paulo Costa-Marvin Vettori will be at a contract weight of 205 pounds

Paulo Costa-Marvin Vettori will be at a contract weight of 205 pounds

The former middleweight title contender surprised Wednesday by acknowledging that he weighs 211 pounds 48 hours after weigh-in for Saturday’s main event against Marvin Vettori of Italy and does not plan to cut to 185 pounds from the division limit.

The fight will take place at 205 pounds, the light heavyweight division, UFC chief commercial officer Hunter Campbell confirmed to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi on Thursday night.

The Brazilian made it clear that there is a “specific situation” for his position and that he notified the promotion in advance about it, but he will not reveal it until after the fight.

In an interview for ESPN Deportes, Costa assured that it could be beneficial for the show that people expect and that he does not know what weight they could agree on, although he proposed 195 pounds, 10 above the limit, which would continue forcing him to lose at least 16 pounds: “I don’t know yet, but I think a little above Middleweight can be more exciting for the fans, because we can bring in more energy, it’s a way to make the fight more exciting,” he explained.

From his point of view, the UFC will support him to make the fight happen: “What I’ve heard from his team is no. He wants to do the fight at 185 at Middleweight, his team doesn’t want to change, but maybe the UFC will push for us to do it at an agreed weight, but his team is not happy with that idea, “he added.

Minutes before Costa’s revelation, Vettori had already advanced on Wednesday’s media day that he knew about the situation and that he is in a position to fight, but he does not want to facilitate anything.

“He’s too heavy, I already said that I would fight him anyway. He is not very professional, he has to go through the cut like we all do. He has to suffer a little the same as we all suffer. It’s too overweight, I’m not very complicated, but it has to be something that makes sense, “he said.

Although the promotion has not made official the weight in which they would seek the fight to happen, Marvin, who comes from losing his last fight to Israel Adesanya thinks that it will happen: “The worst possible scenario is at 205 pounds, we will see what happens.”

Costa and Vettori star on the UFC Vegas 41 card from UFC Apex, which currently has 14 fights.

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