PSG stayed with a tight match against Champagnat by 19-17

PSG stayed with a tight match against Champagnat by 19-17

PSG and Champagnat starred in the match that opened a new day at the Super Uru de Clubes. It was closed, it had the rain as the main protagonist and the local team as the winner thanks to the 19-17.

From the first moment it was PSG who proposed an aggressive and sharp game with the pack of forwards. This is how he managed to reach the try through Tomás Pérez before two minutes.

Champagnat could not overcome the fierce rival start and was only able to reach the ingoal in the last of the initial stage, when Manuel Rossmarino dived and managed to add for his team. Thus, the score was 12-10 for the local at halftime.

In the second 40 minutes, the faces changed in the first moments. The visit took center stage and through Joaquín Arocena he took the lead on the scoreboard. However, Rodolfo de Mula attacked with sheer power and put PSG ahead again.

The rest of the meeting was very disputed at contact points, but the homeowner knew Counter your opponent’s attempts and you were left with an important victory.


PSG: 1. Rodolfo de Mula, 2. Juan Manuel Avelino, 3. Roberto Torres, 5. Daniel Delor, 15. Agustín García, 23. Tomás Pérez, 6. Adrián Martin, 8. Matías Braun, 9. Ignacio Inchausti, 14. Andy Murua, 25. Guillermo Rodríguez, 12. Alberto Román (C), 13. Juan Crossa, 11. Isaac Condon, 19. Ignacio García.

Entered: 41. Agustín Doño, 7. Marcos Chamyan, 18. Nicolás Da Trindade.

Coach: Ivo Dugonjic.

CHAMPAGNAT: 18. Enzo Geribón, 2. Joaquín Almeida, 20. Joaquín Amorín, 4. Federico Erramuspe, 42. José Coronel, 27. Federico Faroppa, 7. Fernando Acardini, 8. Germán Fieira, 9. Matías Risso, 21. Joaquín Arocena, 10. Santiago Durán, 17. Juan De Freitas, 13. Facundo Klappenbach, 12. Sebastián Pechi, 15. Mateo Viola.

Entered: 30. Manuel Rossmarino, 1. Agustín Sosa, 5. Matías López, 23. Hernán Cecchi, 6. Nicolás Martínez.

Coach: Alejandro Nieto.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 1 ‘try by Tomás Pérez converted by Andy Murua (P), 22’ penalty by Mateo Viola (C), 26 ‘try by Rodolfo de Mula (P), 42’ try by Manuel Rossmarino converted by Mateo Viola (C).

Partial result: PSG 12-10 Champagnat.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 4 ‘try by Joaquín Arocena converted by Mateo Viola (C), 11’ try by Rodolfo de Mula converted by Andy Murua (P).

Final score: PSG 19-17 Champagnat.

Stadium: Charrúa.

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