Start the second wheel! All the preview of date 1 of the URBA Top 12

Start the second wheel!  All the preview of date 1 of the URBA Top 12

The URBA Top 12 starts the second round. Date 1 of the URBA Top 12 will begin to define the candidates to qualify for the semifinals. At 1:35 p.m. ALMOST welcomes Belgrano Athletic live on Star + at the Cathedral. At the same time, from 15.25 Alumni do the same before Hindu, also live on Star +. Like Pucara in view of Newman and CUBA versus Los Tilos. The other two encounters between SIC-Buenos-Aires and Regattas-San Luis can be seen live on Plus, all the live action can be followed by Scrum +, at 15.15 live on Star +.

ALMOST vs. Belgrano Athletic (at 1:35 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It was not a good tournament for CASI, which will start the second round with only three victories in the year. He comes from losing in the Cathedral to Hindu by 36 to 27 and no longer depends on himself. CUBA and Belgrano take them 19 and 14 points respectively when only 25 remain to be played. Belgrano comes from thrashing Biei by 43 to 25 and is still in the race, just five units from Universitario. Brown must find a balance between what he generates in attack and the points he receives in his in-goal. There will be your chances of being in the finals again.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Almost suffered the return to the game, without finding its best version in almost the entire initial round. It was not a forceful team, nor dominant; the late arrival of Martín Roger gave him another assurance, especially due to the efficiency of the Santiago player against the sticks (author of 103 points). Belgrano had many ups and downs, but if his pack is plugged in, it is a team to take into account. He maintained a fairly wide base among the 23 summoned, with interesting pack appearances such as Agustín Vaccarino and Agustín Rocca.

BACKGROUND: In the qualifying stage they played the match with the most goals of the tournament with a score of 54 to 41 for the Academy in Virrey del Pino. Meanwhile, in the Cathedral, Belgrano categorically prevailed in 2019 by 45 to 7.

Alumni vs. Hindu (Saturday at 15.25 live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Decisive match for Alumni at the beginning of the second round. He will receive a direct rival with whom he is separated by 15 points, when there are 25 to be played. The victory with bonus will be an obligation for those led by the Neyra-Van der Ghote duo if they want to continue with mathematical chances of qualifying. Hindu had a first wheel according to what is always expected of the Elephant. Nine victories and the most effective attack of the entire Top 12: 409 goals and 58 tries to his credit. Alumni comes from losing in Burzaco to Pucará by 32 to 29 and the cast of Toto Fernández Miranda to overcome ALMOST in the Cathedral, 36 to 27.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: There are not many options for those from Tortuguitas if they want to play a semifinal again. In the first three dates they will face Hindú and Newman, where their chances will be played. Next Saturday on his court he will have no alternative but to look for the five points. Hindú can seal the classification and move the team towards the semifinals, seeking to avoid the clash against the SIC. They know each other very well with Alumni, as they have played several decisive matches in recent years.

BACKGROUND: They return to Tortuguitas as they did on the seventh date of the Top 12, with a victory for Hindú by 28 to 13. As a local, Alumni won the last duel between them, in 2019 by 43 to 17.

Pucara vs. Newman (at 15.25 live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: If Pucará needed something after a year without rugby and with many absences from their squad, it was a triumph like the one they got against Alumni, last Saturday. They started very badly, with two tries against at the start and a very adverse development, which turned around the end after the big drop by Ignacio Ramón. Pucará won 32-29 and although he will no longer qualify, he can play the final stage with another head. Newman remains very firm and solid, with a consolidated line of play based on a great defense – the best in the tournament – and numerous options to attack. The Cardinal arrives as the leader with nine victories and a resounding performance at the Summit, where he beat San Luis 47 to 10.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: When Cuta Jorge put together the team to play this season, the absences between the backs were noticeable in all positions. Even so, Burzaco’s reds showed some glimpses of what the coach wanted, which will surely have to be adjusted to be more competitive next year. Newman was even throughout the tournament. The two defeats in a row, 23-25 ​​vs. CUBA and 18-19 vs. Alumni, they were matches that they could easily have won. The bordó made enough merits to start this stage as one of the candidates for the final.

BACKGROUND: They already met in Burzaco, for the ninth day of the Top 12, with the Cardinal’s victory by 34 to 10. In the South, the last success of the local team was in 2019 by 29 to 19.

CUBA vs. Los Tilos (at 3:25 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: CUBA’s tight win last weekend against Los Tilos is still very fresh. They were only three points of difference in Barrio Obrero, 22-19. With that success, the University was third overall, after a very good campaign in which he added eight victories at the close of the first round. It should be remembered that the Villa de Mayo club had just played two consecutive playoffs, in 2018 and 2019. The La Plata team had a very good first part of the tournament, with four wins and four losses. But the fixture gave him a very committed Top 12 finish, with Belgrano, Hindú, Newman and CUBA lined up. So it was that green lost the four games that were left.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The cast directed by Tomás Cóppola was one of the protagonists from the start and dreams of qualifying. He achieved a good balance between youth and experience, with a defense that was one of his highest points in the tournament, in addition to the good use of the line and maul in attack. For Los Tilos it was the first time for many members of their squad in the Top 12. And after being champions in First A, in 2019, the experience helped them to build the structure for next year, where there will be declines again .

BACKGROUND: After playing for the last date of the tournament, with the triumph of CUBA in Barrio Obrero, from 22 to 19, a week later they open the final stage of the Top 12. In Villa de Mayo they faced each other for the last time for the repechage of the year 2018, when University won it with just enough by 17 to 16 and achieved permanence in the Top 12.

SIC-Buenos Aires (At 15.30 live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Notable campaign of the last URBA winner, the San Isidro Club. The team led by Chato González Bonorino and Lucas Cilley was the best of the regular stage, with ten wins and only one crash. The trenchers closed the first stage with another solid performance, beating Regatas by 48-29 and finishing at the top of the table with 49 points. With a single unit they get in this game they will be in the semifinals four dates in advance. Biei was the one who finished last in the general table, with only six points obtained throughout the tournament. On the eleventh date he lost on his court to Belgrano Athletic by 43 to 25, in what was his tenth fall of the championship.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: The SIC played a spectacular tournament, with numbers that put it very high and as one of the great candidates to win the title. With his classic and historical weapons, he was very firm in defense and in his attack he showed many options, with a decisive Joaquín Lamas as the top 12 scorer with 124 goals. He has five dates to prepare to defend the title they achieved in 2019. The Lion thing was logical because of the way they reached the Top 12. It was an important change after being without competition for so long. However, they had some moments of very good rugby, a situation that should help them to build the foundations of the team for next year.

BACKGROUND: They return to play in Boulogne after the SIC win in the first round by 40-0. Biei has not won in the ditch since 2003, when he won by 18-15.

Regattas-San Luis (At 15.30 live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Already without any chances to enter the semifinals stage, two clubs will face each other that will try to leave a good feeling in the games that remain to be played. Regatas offered its best version in the final stretch of the Top 12, with three wins in a row and a start with everything against the SIC (they won 10-0). But the specific weight of the last champion turned him around, to categorically beat him, 48-29. San Luis cost a little more the level of the tournament. They won a match in the first round and in the table only Biei was below them. In the last date they suffered the game of Newman, who scored seven tries and beat them on his court by 47 to 10.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: If the two have some facet of the game to improve, that would be the defensive aspect, because they received many points and tries against. Regattas with 50 tries in his in-goal was only surpassed by Buenos Aires, as the worst defense. San Luis was a shorter and more compact team, but with very little resolution in their attack. With only 21 tries it was the least effective team on the first round of the Top 12.

BACKGROUND: On the eighth date of the tournament, Regatas managed to win for the first time in the Top 12 of 2021: it was in Bella Vista by 31 to 19, just before San Luis. The Maristas haven’t won at Bella Vista since 2018, when they won 24-9.

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