The songs that Canelo Álvarez has used when entering the ring

Canciones que ha usado el Canelo Álvarez en su entrada

One of the most important and emotional moments for any boxer is his presentation to go out into the arena and walk into the ring. On LEFT PUNCH we began to investigate and we present you the songs that the Canelo Alvarez at your entrance.

There is no song that is repeated, at this stage of fame boxers prefer to put on a show for the fans. The Canelo It has many entries, but here we present the best ones.

Songs that Canelo Álvarez has used in his entries

The Mexican boxer is proud of our country, that is why he always comes out with the flag and with a serape with the allusive colors of Mexico. A representative song is always heard in the background.

1.-Mexico beautiful and dear:

For a long time, the Mexican boxer used the song of Chucho Monge at his entrance and on his way to the ring. In some fights the song was only heard, but in others he invited artists to perform it live.

2.- Potpourri of the Aguilar Family:

In his fight against Billy joe sounders, Saul Alvarez made his presentation at AT&T Stadium with popular Mexican songs. Pepe Aguilar, accompanied by their children Eduardo and Angela, they performed “Mexico cute and dear”, “El Rey” and “Viva México”. Meanwhile a performance with Mexican dancers was mounted.

3.-J Balbin:

In the fight of Canelo Alvarez vs Avni Yildirim, the Mexican gave the surprise, because his entry was interpreted by reggaeton J Balbin. The artist performed a couple of songs, but the boxer came on stage to the tune of ‘Mi Gente’.

4.- Rocky in mariachi:

Probably the best presentation of Saul Alvarez it was against Callum smith. A mariachi performed a song made famous in the Rocky movies. “Gonna Fly Now” was heard and then “Mexico cute and dear” was followed.

These are the songs that the Canelo Alvarez In his entrances to the ring, we can say that his favorite is “Mexico, beautiful and beloved” but there is something clear is that he always represents Mexico.


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