A new trip to the World Series confirms that the Astros are much more than what happened in 2017

A new trip to the World Series confirms that the Astros are much more than what happened in 2017

The World Series goes exclusively to all of Central America through ESPN signals

For the third time in the last five years, Houston Astros took advantage of his trip to the American League Championship Series to achieve the classification to the World Series. While defining which team will be his rival for the “Fall Classic” Come in Atlanta Braves and Los angeles dodgers, there is much that can be said about a team that continues to carry the hatred that its actions in 2017 generated.

Certainly, the cheating scheme to steal signs during said season deserved an exemplary punishment that for better or worse was not given by MLB. This created great frustration among fans and teams that felt affected by it, so it is understandable that the “bad blood” in front of the Astros continue.

However, four years later, it is necessary to recognize that what this team has done goes much further than a scheme to steal signs. Despite the inconsistency they have faced at times, especially from their pitching staff, which has been heavily affected by injuries, the team beat some inspired Boston Red Sox and with this they show that their five consecutive trips to the Series of American League Championship they are not pure coincidence.

The Astros They are a talented ensemble that combines the veterans of several of their pieces with an excellent minor league system and baseball operations offices that are up to date with the latest trends in baseball. This, coupled with a figure as respectable as Dusty Baker as a leader, who incorporates various elements of the baseball of yesteryear, have transformed the whole of Houston in a “animal”Different from what it was in 2017.

Although anger at the lack of punishment against Astros continue (and it will continue for several years), the fact that there are only four players left of that team, should change the perception little by little. Paraphrasing the journalist from ESPN, Jeff PassanYou can love or hate the Astros, but it’s undeniable that they are a really good team.

It’s a talented team that finished as one of the best offenses in baseball in 2021, shown by its batting average lead (.267) and on-base percentage (.339), as well as other offensive categories in which it ran. placed within the best five sets.

Additionally, it is a team that has made history in the current postseason, with 42 RBIs after two outs, it speaks to the kind of hitters they have.

In short, we must not forget what Astros they did in 2017; that should never be repeated. However, we must enjoy a great baseball team that goes far beyond its past.

Remember that you will be able to see all the games of the World Series in Central America, exclusively on ESPN.

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