Ancelotti believes it necessary to feel a little “fear” prior to El Clásico

Ancelotti believes it necessary to feel a little "fear" prior to El Clásico

Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid coach, spoke of the “fear” he feels before the big games, such as El Clásico that takes place this Sunday at the Camp Nou, and assured that if he does not feel “you face the lion thinking he is a cat “.

“My feeling is the same in this type of game. Worry is normal and sometimes fear is clear. They are positive feelings because if you are not afraid you face the lion thinking that it is a cat”, said at a press conference.

“Fear is a fairly constant, positive feeling. It’s a good feeling. Fortunately I am not terrified of a match because there are worse things in life than losing it. I also feel confident because I have a strong team, with players of many qualities, technical, physical but especially mental, “he added.

In a classic there are no favorites for the Italian coach, who showed respect at all times for Barcelona and left praise to the rival: “It’s a special game. I don’t know who arrives better because the last Barcelona games were good. There is no favorite, there are many things that determine the game, not just the technical and physical. Motivation and collective commitment are very important. “

For Ancelotti, the duel between Barcelona and Real Madrid is not a fight between Ansu Fati and Vinicius Junior as referents. “They are both still young, they have to show what they can do in their careers,” he said, and stressed that the greatness of the duel is not diminished by the loss of stars.

“It is a match between two teams that will always be among the best in the world. Cristiano is not there and Messi is not, the squads change and other players arrive, but it does not change that the two teams will fight for the competition as always,” he said.

He has a thorn in the Barcelona Ancelotti stadium, where he never won with three teams that visited him. “They are three important but not decisive points. I have never won at the Camp Nou, it is time to win. It will not be easy but there are three points that we have to fight to win if we want to win the League.”

On the tactical side, the Madrid coach acknowledged that repeating what he did against Shakhtar, “waiting in the low block”, may not be effective against Barcelona “because he has different characteristics with the ball.” Bet on being dominating or playing on the counter attack, he made it clear that the identity of his team is not altered and he wants him to have several.

“I want to have a team that can do many things on the field and does not have a single idea, having a very clear identity the opponents can find an easy solution,” he said.

Finally, in his analysis of Barcelona he pointed out that although Messi is no longer there, the difficulty is not lowered. “It is a team that maintains the same identity, game system, plays football well. The players have changed, Messi is not there but he has other very good ones, the youngsters in the boat are fantastic. Our feeling cannot change about a match that always It has been difficult and always will be. “

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