Barros Schelotto: “We are going to go in search of the dreams of all Paraguayans”

Barros Schelotto: "We are going to go in search of the dreams of all Paraguayans"

Argentine Guillermo Barros Schelotto assured this Saturday in his presentation as new coach of the Paraguayan National Team that his coaching staff will work to go in search of the dreams that Albirroja fans have.

“We are very happy to take this step,” he said during a press conference at the headquarters of the Paraguayan Football Association (APF).

“Leading the Paraguayan soccer team for us is something very important and we are going to take it with the utmost seriousness, with the greatest responsibility and we are going to pursue the dreams of all Paraguayans,” he said.

Barros Schelotto highlighted the importance of achieving “immediate and long-term” objectives.

In that sense, he stressed that now the main one is to get points to ascend in the classification of the South American Qualifiers of the Qatar World Cup 2022.

At this time, Albirroja is in eighth position with 12 points, four behind the team that is fifth and is in the play-off zone.

Barros Schelotto also stressed the importance of getting the footballers’ commitment and that the squad is “united” to achieve the goal.

“Today what we have to analyze more than anything is how the player is doing, giving the Paraguayan player ten points emotionally so that he can respond,” he said.

He also highlighted the way in which his coaching staff believes in Paraguayan players and recalled that he has already led some of them in their teams, such as Gustavo Gómez or Miguel Almirón.

“The personality, the claw with which they play is unique,” concluded Barros Schelotto, who has already led the Argentines Lanús (2012-2015) and Boca Juniors (2016-2019), the Italian Palermo (2016) and the American Los Angeles Galaxy (2019-2020).

The president of the AFP, Robert Harrison, underlined the “tremendous honor” of having professionals of “international stature” and “first level”.

Barros Schelotto will work alongside his brother Gustavo, who will be his field assistant, and physical trainer Javier Valdecantos, among others.

The new coaching staff will debut at the head of the Paraguayan National Team on November 11 in the match against Chile on the thirteenth date of the World Cup qualifying rounds.

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