Belgrano overcame adversities and beat ALMOST 30-23

Belgrano overcame adversities and beat ALMOST 30-23

Don’t give it up and don’t underestimate it because Belgrano has a pride and a moral that does not allow him to lower his arms. But the ALMOST who had him against the ropes say so, he forgave him and the Brown took the triumph of San Isidro by 30-23, on the first date of the second round of the URBA Top 12.

There is cloth to cut, pictures, stories. Was a party full of emotions And to make it even more epic, the rain was present when the fire of the teams spread through the air of La Catedral.

ALMOST had it in the first half. He cornered him with the forwards, he became strong in contact and the visitors found it difficult to get out of his field. Juan Torres Obeid scored the first try With the support of the forwards and for the game to turn gray as the afternoon, Belgrano resorted to indiscipline.

Three yellow cards for Tomás Teglia, Felipe Adrogué and Facundo Ferreti left him with 12 players and there the local did not liquidate it. A try by Matías Phelan, That left over from the top, was not enough to close the set 17-6 and in the complement, already with 15, Belgrano brought out his best repertoire.

The brown forwards matched, they launched into attack and at 6 ‘, from a line, the classic arrived try by Francisco Ferronato. Three minutes later the afternoon figure appeared, Augusto Vaccarino, to turn the result around.

The rain came and the score was even, first at 20 and then at 23. There it appeared Augusto Vaccarino who took the hero’s cloak: captured a Tomás Rosati hat in midfield, left 3 marks on the road and He gave the oval to Juan Brescia who went straight to the ingoal on the last play of the game.

Belgrano took the victory and he had several reasons to celebrate: the revenge of the defeat in the first wheel at home, the change of attitude and the epic run of Vaccarino. There will be time to analyze virtues and errors indoors. Today it was won and that celebration became a hug, a song and a jump. Belgrano achieved the victory because he clung to self-love and turned it into a smile.


ALMOST (23): 1. Facundo Scaiano, 2. Juan Torres Obeid, 3. Ignacio Nieto Sánchez, 4. Vicente Boronat, 5. Leo Mazzini, 6. Joaquín Saenz de Miera, 7. Juan Ymaz, 8. Luis Briatore, 9. Agustín Figuerola (C ), 10. Martín Roger, 11. Nicolás Cotella, 12. Matías Phelan, 13. Benjamín Belaga, 14. Tomás Descalzo, 15. Jerónimo Solveyra.

Changes: PT: 4´ Tobías Casaurang for Cotella. ST: 11´ Hugo García by Nieto Sánchez, 18´ Bautista Bernasconi by Torres Obeid ..

Trainers: Patricio O’Reilly, Sebastián Pegury and Francisco Corbacho.

BELGRANO (30): 1. Francisco Ferronato (C), 2. Ignacio Favre, 3. Facundo Ferreti, 4. Adolfo Martínez, 5. Ramón Duggan, 6. Joaquín de la Serna, 7. Augusto Vaccarino, 8. Agustín Rocca, 9. Ignacio Marino, 10. Tomás Rosati, 11. Juan Landó, 12. Fermín Martínez, 13. Tomás Teglia, 14. Felipe Adrogué, 15. Juan Rodriguez.

Changes: ST: 16´ Leandro Magneres for Duggan, 25´ Andrés Bianco for Ferreti, 26´ Juan Penessi for de la Serna, 37´ Juan Brescia for Teglia.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Francisco Gradin, Luis Gradin and Diego Gradin.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 12´ Penalty by Martín Roger (C), 16´ Try by Juan Torre Obeid converted by Martín Roger (C), 20 and 30´ Penalties by Tomás Rosati (B), 33´ Try by Matías Phelan converted by Martín Roger (C) .

Partial result: ALMOST 17–6 Belgrano.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 6´ Try by Francisco Ferronato converted by Tomás Rosati (B), 9´ Try by Augusto Vaccarino converted by Tomás Rosati (B), 21´ Penalty by Martín Roger (C), 23´ Penalty by Tomás Rosati (B), 32´ Penalty kick by Martín Roger (C), 40´ Try by Juan Brescia converted by Tomás Rosati (B).

Final score: ALMOST 23-30 Belgrano

WARNED: PT: 27´ Tomás Teglia (B), 30´ Felipe Adrogué (B), 33´ Facundo Ferreti (B). ST: 5´ Leonel Mazzini (C).


REFEREE: Pablo Deluca.

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