Biggest stars in MLB history who failed to win a World Series

Biggest stars in MLB history who failed to win a World Series

The World Series goes exclusively to all of Central America through ESPN signals

On Big leagues Each team and player has only one mission: get to and win the World Series. The records and feats that have been achieved over time have a great historical weight that enriches baseball, but the reality is that reaching and obtaining the triumph in the “Fall ClassicIs what everyone involved wants.

It’s so hard to get there and win the World Series that there is even a franchise that has never been able to dispute it, Seattle Mariners. This extends to players who have had long careers in Big leagues, even many that are considered some of the best in history.

High-caliber players in MLB they never even got a chance at a World Series, despite their impressive careers. That is why ESPN Digital has compiled some of the biggest names to ever reach the “Fall Classic”.


No list of the best players in the history of MLB that they did not win the World Series could be complete without Barry bonds, Ken Griffey Jr., Sammy Sosa and Ichiro suzuki. Four of the most recognized outfielders of the past 30 years who failed to even reach that stage, despite setting multiple records throughout their careers.

Another important name to add to the list is Edgar Martinez, the man who transformed the designated hitter position into Big leagues. Despite a long and productive career, as well as the fact that each year’s highest nominee award bears his name, he was never able to wear a championship ring. World Series.

Ted williams, Jim Thome, Tony gwynn, Larry walker and Mike piazza, who came to Cooperstown Hall of Fame and were recognized as two of the best players in their respective positions, they could never win a ring in the World Series, despite the great achievements of their careers.

Among the great Latinos who failed to achieve the glory of World Series, we can include names like those of Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Adrian Beltré, Omar vízquel and Rod Carew.

As for active players, you should consider who for years has been called “the best player in the business” in Mike trout as another of the great players without triumph in World Series.


This group must necessarily be headed by the legendary Roy halladay, who was one of the most prolific pitchers in baseball from MLB.

Despite the fact that between 1998 and 2013, the pitcher was only second in rWAR, behind Randy johnson, postseason success never came for him with Toronto blue jays nor with Philadelphia phillies.

Other notable pitchers who could never rise to glory were Mike mussina, Trevor hoffman, Roy oswalt, Lee Smith, Chuck finley, Johan santana and Dave stieb.

Remember that you will be able to see all the games of the World Series in Central America exclusively on ESPN.

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