Ecuadorian athlete Alex Quiñónez was killed in Guayaquil

Ecuadorian athlete Alex Quiñónez was killed in Guayaquil

According to unofficial sources, Quiñónez and a friend of his were shot dead by unknown individuals, in the area known as Colinas de la Florida.

The Ecuadorian athlete Alex Quinonez, finalist in the 200 meters in the Olympic Games of London 2012, was assassinated this Friday in the port city of Guayaquil (Southwest), where he was originally from, for reasons that are still being investigated.

The death was confirmed by Roberto Ibáñez, president of the Guayas Sports Federation, in a Twitter message in which he expressed the immense pain caused by the death of Quinonez.

“My heart is totally shattered, I can’t find words to describe the emptiness I feel,” Ibáñez wrote on his social network account.

“I can not believe it, until when we are going to continue living so much evil and insecurity,” added the sports leader in reference to the fact that the city of Guayaquil it has become the focus of the crime and crime boom.

“Rest in peace dear AlexI’m going to miss you all my life, “concluded Ibáñez.

According to unofficial sources, Quinonez and a friend of his, Jojairo Arcalla, were shot dead by unknown persons, in the area known as Colinas de la Florida, in Guayaquil.

Social networks in Ecuador they ignited with the news of the murder of Quinonez, which occurred on the fourth day into force of a state of emergency declared by the country’s president, Guillermo Lasso, to try to stop the increase in crime.

Joint operations between the military and the police have been concentrated in several provinces of Ecuador, especially on the coast of Guayas, whose capital is Guayaquil, where there have been several violent deaths in recent weeks.

The Sports Ministry also reacted to the death of Quinonez and he remarked that “the best sprinter in the history of our country” was assassinated.

That State portfolio, in a statement, reported that the competent authorities are investigating the case and expressed its condolences to the athlete’s family, friends and fellow athletes.

Quiñónez was unable to compete this year at the Tokyo Olympics, following a decision by the International Olympic Committee, which suspended his participation after failing to report for a routine doping control.

The athlete appealed the ruling, but the sanction was upheld and he could not be registered for Tokyo.

With records of 10.09 seconds in the 100 meter flat and 19.87 in the 200, Quiñónez has been the best Ecuadorian in the discipline and reached fifth place in the Diamond League in 2019, when he also reached third place at the World Championships in Athletics that year in Doha.

His record includes a series of trophies as champion in Pan American, Latin American, South American and Bolivarian games, among others.

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