Former world champion Ganigan López wins by disqualification in return to boxing

Ganigan López vs. José Andrés Soto

Although the triumph on his return was not in the expected way, Ganigan lopez He was satisfied because he took the first step towards the goal of becoming world champion again, which he hopes will be realized next year.

Friday night at the Deportivo Oceania, on the Mexico City, Ganigan lopez beat the colombian Jose Andres Soto by disqualification, as he was the victim of head butts and the fight ended at 2:39 minutes of the fifth round to keep the scepter Fedecentro of the World Boxing Association (WBA).

“We were clearly winning the fight,” he said. Ganigan at the end of the mass. “Maybe some round had escaped me, we were clearly winning, I did not like the way the victory took place, but hey, we were doing the job in the best way.”

From the beginning the fight was complicated. Soto seemed to dominate at times and landed punches that hurt Ganigan, who little by little took control and with powerful impacts diminished his opponent.

In the fourth round there was the first shock and Ganigan the left part of the head was affected, but after the doctor’s review they allowed him to continue, which the Mexican took advantage of to punish the South American’s body intensely.

This was the disqualification

It was in the fifth roll that the second shock occurred that caused a cut on the forehead of Ganigan that did not stop bleeding, so the contest was stopped and a disqualification was decreed to Jose Soto by illicit coup.

“Our work plan was to extend the fight as long as we could,” he added. Ganigan. “We knew that the punishment to the body was hurting him, we were hurting him, the plan was to continue boxing, move across the width of the ring, unfortunately he felt the punishment to the body and began to put his head in, I suffered two cuts due to his headbutts” .

Before the fight, the Amecameca, State of Mexico, He had stated that his objective was to show that he still has the ability to dispute a world title, an opportunity that he is confident will come next year.

“We wanted to win in a resounding way and that we still have qualities,” said the Mexican. “We achieved the objective which was to win the championship, to look good, to convince. It is definitely the goal (a world title), we are going step by step and the first step has already been taken ”.

Ganigan lopez, who improved his professional record to 37-11, 19 on the fast track, will rest for a few days and wait for the wounds to heal before planning his next fight, while Jose Soto he lost his undefeated step after 15 victories, in what was his first contest outside his country.

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