Houston celebrates the success of its Astros in style

Houston celebrates the success of its Astros in style

HOUSTON – The Houston Astros are American League champions and will play their third World Series in five years. And their fans know and recognize that they have the most consistent team in baseball in recent years.

Since the 27th out of the Championship Series was called, in which they eliminated the Boston Red Sox in six games, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have not stopped walking in and out of the official flagship store of merchandise that the Astros They have it at their Minute Maid Park.

The team even holds a great event called “24 Hour World Series Team Store Bash” (Party at the team store for the 24 hours of the World Series “, in which in addition to the sale of souvenirs alluding to the league title or From the ticket to the Fall Classic, which kicks off Tuesday, there are autograph signings with former players, raffles for store cards, music, balloons and much more.

The lines to enter the store on Saturday morning turned the corner and people were waiting patiently, because they are also aware that the store cannot be at maximum capacity due to the social distancing that has caused the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I arrived very early with the family and here we are waiting for them to let us in,” said Francisco Ruiz, a Mexican resident of Houston, who was trained accompanied by his wife and two children. “After everything this team has gone through and the pressure it has undergone, this will be the World Series that we are all going to enjoy the most in this city.”

This will be the fourth trip in franchise history, including the 2019 and 2017 World Series, in which Major League Baseball champions were crowned. They were also in 2005, but as representatives of the National League. On that occasion they were swept by the Chicago White Sox.

Now, the Astros await the winner of the National League Championship Series, which on the Saturday before Game 6, leads the Atlanta Braves 3-2 over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If the Braves are crowned, the Astros will host the first two games of the World Series; if it’s the Dodgers, then the competition for the Major League title will begin in Los Angeles. In both cases, it will be Tuesday night.

“It doesn’t matter the winner,” said Houston first baseman Yuli Gurriel. “We know that we can compete and we have the possibility of winning against whoever it is. This has been the whole season. Nobody expected us to get here and few believe that we are going to be champions. We’ll see …”.

Since 2017, the Astros have played more postseason games than any other team in the majors (66) and have also posted more wins (39-27, .591) than any other organization, tied with the Dodgers.

“We are proud of our Astros,” said Mabel Rivera. “In these times they have brought us happiness that our city needs so much.”

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