Óscar Rivas defeated Ryan Rozicki and is the first Bridger weight world champion in history

Óscar Rivas derrotó a Ryan Rozicki y es el primer campeón mundial de peso Bridger de la historia

The Colombian Oscar Rivas made history by becoming the first weight champion Bridger of the World Boxing Council (WBC) after overcoming the Canadian in a war and by unanimous decision Ryan rozicki, who offered a great battle.

Rivas he was left with the victory with scores of 116-111, 115-112 and 115-112. This, after 12 intense and exciting rounds in which Rozicki He came close to being knocked out, but held on heroically at the L’Olympia Theater in Montreal, Canada.

Rivas started better and released bombs that were very dangerous before a Rozicki that little by little leveled the actions. But in the final seconds of the opening round, the South American landed a combination of punches and came close to knockout, but the bell saved the then undefeated.

Despite the scare he got, the Canadian did not shy away from the fight. He got from you to you with Rivas, which in the final stretch of the second round was close to victory again. He connects an upper and a right that they put bad to Rozicki, but it was saved again.

Rozicki he followed the attack and repeatedly sought to hit the liver with a hook, but to no avail. RivasMeanwhile, he hit his rival repeatedly, but the Canadian endured all the punishment.

At the start of the fifth round Rozicki He connected two violent lefts to the Colombian, who endured and also responded with violence. In addition to that he began to recharge the body and his more than 10 kilos of difference to the Canadian.

The experience of Rivas began to tip the balance in his favor. The Colombian landed an uppercut and a left foot, among other blows, which were reflected in Rozicki’s swollen right cheekbone. Despite everything, the Canadian did not stop fighting like a warrior.

Jabs, uppers and punches of all calibers continued to hurt the Canadian. With blood on his face, he endured all the punishment and when possible, he launched a dangerous blow.

Visibly exhausted, Rivas He maintained dominance late in the fight and landed the most powerful punches, including a brutal left wing and uppercut to the face that would have knocked out anyone. Nevertheless, Rozicki He stood up and at war He endured more punishment in the last round and came out determined to look for a knockout blow, which never came for the Colombian’s victory.

“Kaboom” Rivas improved his professional record to 28-1, 19 via knockout, while in his fourteenth fight as a professional, Rozicki lost his undefeated step.

A) Yes, Oscar Rivas became the first world champion in the history of the new weight division Bridger, ranging from 200 to 224 pounds

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