SIC won a great game against Buenos Aires by 57-36

SIC won a great game against Buenos Aires by 57-36

At the start of the second wheel of the URBA Top 12, SIC and Buenos Aires did not give a truce and staged a great game in Boulogne, with victory for the local by 57 to 36. Those of San Isidro were forceful every time they proposed it and dispatched with nine conquests to continue at the top of the standings.

It was BACRC that opened the account before the Trench. After studying each other for the first few minutes, the visit took advantage of a penalty near 22 meters, ideal for the spoils of Agustín Peirano. After the coup, the SIC threw all its hierarchy to the rival and managed to score four times, making use mainly of the power of its pack of forwards.

In addition, the visit decided to sell the defeat dearly. He tweaked some details in the get, and was smart to capitalize on the defensive mistakes the local made. The lawsuit was settled blow by blow. SIC, running over with the power of Federico Haedo and the whole pack; and Buenos Aires, which never lowered its arms, having its deserved award with the try of Jordi Dieguez at the close of the game.

It was a triumph for the de Boulogne, who started the second round showing once again that they are still serious candidates to remain with the throne of the URBA Top 12.


SIC (57): 1. Marcos Piccinini (C), 2. Andrea Panzarini, 3. Marcos Gatica, 4. Lucas Sommer, 5. Federico Haedo, 6. Marcos Borghi, 7. Tomás Comissati, 8. Alejandro Daireaux, 9. Mateo Albanese, 10. Gastón Arias, 11. Mateo Madero, 12. Santos Rubio, 13. Carlos Pirán, 14. Jacinto Campbell, 15. Juan Pablo Zervino.

Changes: ST – 20 ‘Ricardo Macchiavello by Andrea Panzarini, 33’ Benjamín Sascaro by Mateo Albanese; 38 ‘Facundo Giorgiutti for Juan Pablo Zervino.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Lucas Cilley and Federico Gallo.

BUENOS AIRES (36): 1. Facundo Cambiasso, 2. Enzo Materazzi, 3. Blas Coria, 4. Camilo Ihan, 5. Pedro Del Carril, 6. Julián Pommerantz, 7. Francisco Ibarra, 8. Juan Campbell, 9. Alejo Novo, 10. Francisco Lamensa , 11. Joaquín Cantilo, 12. Agustín Lamensa, 13. Ramiro Costa, 14. Alfonso Latorre, 15. Agustín Peirano (C).

Changes: PT – 9 ‘Tomás Ruiz by Facundo Cambiasso. ST – 10 ‘Iñaki Iguiñiz by Blas Coria; 18 ‘Ignacio Almasque by Francisco Ibarra; 20 ‘Juan Rodríguez Momesso by Francisco Lamensa, 28’ Tomás Álvarez Bayon by Camilo Ihan; 31 ‘Jordi Dieguez for Julián Pomerantz.

Trainers: Nicolas De Gregori and Gonzalo Camacho.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8 ‘Penalty by Agustín Peirano (BA); 17 ‘try by Tomás Comissatti, converted by Gastón Arias (S); 22 ‘try Lucas Sommer, converted by Gastón Arias (S); 26 ‘try by Santos Rubio, converted by Gastón Arias (S); 30 ‘try by Carlos Pirán (S).

Partial Result: SIC 26 – 3 BUENOS AIRES.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2 ‘try by Marcos Piccinini, converted by Gastón Arias (S); 5 ‘try by Francisco Lamensa, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 12 ‘try Federico Haedo, converted by Gastón Arias (S); 15 ‘try by Alfonso Latorre, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 19 ‘try by Joaquín Cantilo, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA); 27 ‘try Alejandro Daireaux (S); 29 ‘try Mateo Madero (S); 32 ‘try by Ramiro Costa (BA); 36 ‘try Federico Haedo, converted by Gastón Arias (S); 42 ‘try by Jordi Dieguez, converted by Agustín Peirano (BA).

Final score: SIC 57 – 36 BUENOS AIRES.

INCIDENTS: PT –14 ‘Yellow for Francisco Ibarra (BA); 37 ‘Yellow to Lucas Sommer (S). ST. 32 ‘Yellow for Mateo Madero (S),


REFEREE: Juan Maio.

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