Suárez thinks that Neymar suffers a lot from criticism and considers it a mistake that 2022 is his last World Cup: “He is rushing”

Suárez thinks that Neymar suffers a lot from criticism and considers it a mistake that 2022 is his last World Cup: "He is rushing"

This week’s guest at the Ball da Vez, The front Luis Suarez said go to Neymar wanting to stop playing for the Brazilian team because of the criticism he receives, but he is rushing.

The forward of the national team Atletico Madrid and Uruguay, Luis Suárez, is the guest of Ball da Vez this Saturday (23), at 22:30 (GMT), broadcast by ESPN on Star +.

Among the topics discussed, one was the situation of Neymar, his former partner of the Barcelona, which last week assured that the 2022 World Cup would be the last. For Luis, the ace of the Brazilian National Team is rushing to make this decision.

I didn’t get a chance to talk to Ney about it. I really enjoyed talking to him, at the time when he arrived in Barcelona I expressed my feelings because he is a player who needs affection, that his friends tell him what they feel and knows how to listen“, said.

I think he could have rushed but it is something that he feels, he suffers a lot when he is criticized. Maybe you don’t want to keep living with that pressure of constantly being on everyone’s lips. If he wants to reach another World Cup, he can, but it depends on him and dealing with the pressure”, He added.

The Uruguayan forward also revealed that, in the Barça dressing room, he already spoke with the Brazilian ace about how to deal with pressure and get used to it.

“We have to get used to it, I always told him. There was a time in Barcelona when I couldn’t even enjoy the moments. He had three goals against him Real Madrid and I did not have time to enjoy, because three days later we had another game against him Getafe, the Alaves, any other team and the pressure was the same. If you didn’t perform, they said: ‘He didn’t score, he played badly.’ It is a constant pressure to be in the elite of football, especially in Barcelona “, said.

“At PSG he is enjoying himself, but in the national team he has something saved that he needs to release, I think that. But I would like to recommend that you continue to enjoy yourself because you are at a spectacular age, that you are going to arrive in Qatar well and that you do not pay so much attention to criticism, with which you will have to live. It’s like I say, if the criticisms make you feel bad or hurt you, then when they say that you played the best game of your career, are you going to believe yourself the best in the world? No, I believe that criticism cannot hurt us, nor can praise make us feel the best”, He analyzed.

“That is why it is necessary to try to avoid these types of comments, if you are fat, you are thinner. You should try to avoid it because it is not easy to handle, you do not have to listen to that, focus on family, friends and people who trust you. And avoid answering what is said, because that detracts us from what football is, “he concluded.

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