URBA Primera A: Pueyrredón was forceful and surpassed Lomas without problems

URBA Primera A: Pueyrredón was forceful and surpassed Lomas without problems

By date 11 of URBA Primera A, Pueyrredón stomped and won home against Lomas by 54 to 21. The locals started down, but they knew how to turn it around and take the victory.

The marker opened it Geronimo Bocazzi for Lomas through a penalty, just after two minutes of play. Later, it expanded with another one, giving it the advantage to his team of six points. Later, Bautista Yangüela discounted a penalty for the local.

However, as time went by, Pueyrredón turned it around with a try by Giuliano Balbi converted by Bautista Yangüela, putting a partial result of 10-6. But ending the first half, Bocazzi from a penalty, discounted for the visit. Pueyrredón went into halftime winning 10-9.

The second half was all local, who started with three penalties in less than ten minutes. Bautista Yangüela scored all three and Pueyrredón won 19-9. Then, in less than ten minutes, Matteo Viera, Alejandro Campos and Matias Fernandez Prato supported for the local, while Yangüela reappeared through his three successful conversions. Shortly after, Tomás Giusano and Tomás Mattar, away to the premises with two tries also converted by Bautista Yangüela.

The Lomas discount He came after a great maneuver that culminated in a try by Matias Borda and converted by Matteo Capitanich. The last play of the game was also for Lomas. Juan Martin Campbell supported and the final result ended up being 54 to 21 in favor of Pueyrredón.


Pueyrredón (54): 1- Tomás Giusano; 2- Matías Stuchetti; 3- Lautaro Caro Saisi; 4- Nicolás Porta; 5- Alejandro Campos; 6- Nicolas Bustamante; 7- Tomás Mattar; 8- Bautista Dasso; 9- Giuliano Balbi; 10- Bautista Yangüela; 11- Matías Fernández Prato; 12- Juan Marsano © 13- Matteo Viera; 14- Tomás McCall; 15- Diego Walter.

Changes: ST – 62 ´ Bautista Ballatore by Nicolás Porta, 64´Agustín Josepth by Lautaro Caro Saisi, 65´Diego Bobzin by Alejandro Campos

Trainers: Andrés Romagnoli, Ramiro Peman

Hills (21): 1- Ignacio Ojeda Bertero; 2- Rodrigo Perez Boulan; 3- Santiago Souto; 4- Ramiro Tallone; 5- Agustín Toth; 6- Juan Martín Campbell; 7- Ezequiel Canilla; 8- Federico Fernandez; 9- Geronimo Bocazzi; 10- Mateo Capitanich; 11- Francisco Eraso; 12- Tomás Sansivero; 13- Francisco Ferrari; 14- Manuel Carrusca; 15- Mariano Timinskas.

Changes: ST 56´ Ian Bogani by Santiago Souto, 62´ Juan Barboza by Ignacio Ojeda Bertero, 62´ Nicolás Pentreath by Mateo Capitanich, 62´ Facundo Alvarez Busquets by Federico Fernandez, 63´ Joaquín García by Francisco Ferrari, 63´ Marcos Tedesco by Mariano Timinskas, 69´ Matias Borda by Agustín Toth, 76´ Augusto Demattei by Francisco Eraso.

Trainers: Diego Minutoll

Points in the First Half: 3´ penalty by Geronimo Bocazzi (L), 8´ penalty by Geronimo Bocazzi (L), 10´ penalty by Bautista Yangüela (P), 34´ try by Giuliano Balbi (P), converted by Bautista Yangüela (P), 39´ Geronimo Bocazzi penalty (L)

Partial Result: Pueyrredón 10 – 9 Hills

Points in the Second Half: 43 ‘penalty by Bautista Yangüela (P), 45’ penalty by Bautista Yangüela (P), 48 ‘penalty by Bautista Yangüela (P), 50’ try by Matteo Viera (P), converted by Bautista Yangüela (P), 55 ´ try by Tomás McCall (P), converted by Bautista Yangüela (P), 60´ Alejandro Campos (P), converted by Bautista Yangüela (P), 67´ try by Tomás Giusano (P), converted by Bautista Yangüela (P), 71´ try by Tomás Mattar, converted by Bautista Yangüela (P), try by Matias Borda (L), converted by Mateo Capitanich (L), try by Juan Martín Campbell (L).

Final score: Pueyrredón 54 – 21 Lomas.

Incidents: ST – 49´ Yellow Card to Mariano Timinskas (L); 67´ Yellow Card to Tomás Sansivero (L); Yellow card to Giuliano Balbi (P).

Basketball court: Pueyrredón.

Referee: Martín Eusebio.

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