URBA Top 12: CUBA defeated Los Tilos 40 to 24

URBA Top 12: CUBA defeated Los Tilos 40 to 24

In Villa de Mayo, CUBA took a valuable win with a bonus against Los Tilos by 40 to 24. The locals came with many casualties in the first row and some in the backs, while the visit had the former puma, Joaquin Tuculet, among his initial 15

From the beginning of the match, it was CUBA that dominated those from La Plata. At each meeting point, Los Tilos was exposed to local pressure but, despite his little participation in the game, managed to score 6 points through his opening: Baptist Santamarina. Little happened in the first half, except for Tuculet’s change at 33 ‘, but both teams saved the best for last.

In the second half, it was the visit that surprised locals and others, getting very close in the result after a string of penalties committed by those from Villa de Mayo. But once the Villa de Mayo team hit the gas, it was impossible to stop the black and blue wave that hit Los Tilos. In just 10 minutes he supported four tries to separate in the result and in the game. Coming to the final minutes of the match, those from La Plata refused to lower their arms and supported two tries to discount in the match.

In this way, CUBA achieved a very important victory in the fight for the fourth place for the next instance in the Buenos Aires Tournament.


CUBA (40): 1. Francisco Garoby, 2. Juan Pedro Garoby, 3. Estanislao Carullo, 4. Santiago Uriarte, 5. Lucas Piña, 6. Pedro Mastroizzi, 7. Segundo Pisani (C), 8. Lucas Maguire, 9. Facundo Fontán, 10 Rodrigo Ávalos, 11. Marcos Young, 12. Yavü Glenny, 13. Marcos Herrero Anzorena, 14. Benjamin Ocampo, 15. Marcos Moroni.

Changes: ST: 10 ‘Agustín Migliore by Marcos Young, 13’ Lucas Ponce by Lucas Maguire, 22 ‘Facundo Aguirre by Francisco Garoby, Jerónimo Conte by Lucas Piña, 25’ Manuel Castro Madero by Marcos Herrero, 30 ‘Nicolás Quadri by Estanislao Carullo, Tomás Recognized by Jerónimo Conte.

Trainers: Tomás Cóppola, Agustín Benedicto and Federico Sala.

THE TILOS (24): 1. Manuel Puertas, 2. Iván Korenblit (C), 3. Lisandro Dipierri, 4. Martín Vergani, 5. Maximiliano Alonso, 6. Nicolás Craig, 7. Felipe Puertas, 8. Bautista Gatti, 9. Marcos Albina, 10. Bautista Santamarina, 11. Nicolás Fernández Vega, 12. Joaquín Tuculet, 13. Bautista Roberti, 14. Nicolás Korenblit, 15. Manuel Tuculet.

Changes: PT: 33 ‘Tomás Fernández for Joaquín Tuculet. ST: 10 ‘Elio Basualdo by Manuel Puertas, Tiago Bassagaisteguy by Manuel Tuculet, 22’ Francisco Liva by Bautista Santamarina, 28 ‘Salvador Martínez by Maximiliano Alonso, 38’ Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas by Marcos Albina.

Trainers: Ramiro Bernal and Leandro Fioravanti.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘try by Lucas Maguire and conversion by Marcos Moroni, 20’ try by Juan Pedro Garoby and conversion by Marcos Moroni, 26 ‘penalty by Bautista Santamarina, 41’ penalty by Bautista Santamarina.

Partial result: CUBA 14 – LOS TILOS 6.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 2 ‘penalty by Bautista Santamarina, 5’ penalty by Bautista Santamarina, 9 ‘try by Marcos Moroni and conversion by Marcos Moroni, 14’ try by Lucas Piña, 16 ‘try by Agustín Migliore and conversion by Marcos Moroni, 20’ try by Estanislao Carullo and conversion by Marcos Moroni, 26 ‘try by Elio Basualdo, 37’ try by Iván Korenblit and conversion by Francisco Liva.

Final score: CUBA 40 – LOS TILOS 24

WARNED: ST: 39 ‘yellow Nicolás Quadri (CUBA).


REFEREE: German.

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