URBA Top 12: Hindu beat Alumni 57-20

URBA Top 12: Hindu beat Alumni 57-20

By first date of the second wheel belonging to zone B of the URBA TOP 12 tournament, Hindú thrashed 57-20 in his visit to Tortuguitas and was left with one foot inside the playoffs.

The local came from losing to Pucará by 32-29, while the visit came after a great victory by 36-27, against CASI in La Catedral.

Alumni started on the right foot. A minute into the game, second row Patricio Andersen, covered a kick to Lucas Pulido and reached the try, to open the scoring. The first 25 minutes of the meeting were almost all of the local, which was looking to attack and exploit the great line it has. Hindu held out what he could and they managed to break the defense on 2 occasions. The visit was looking through their backs but did not find shortcomings in the premises, A clear example of this is that his first two tries were achieved by pushing off his scrum, winning two penalty try.

Little by little the party was scraping more. It became a lot of talk and that meant yellow for both teams. But with almost 10 minutes exceeding 40 minutes, the elephant, by means of his forwards, managed to turn the marker after several phases of play.

The plugin was a totally different version of both teams. Hindu, a little machine. He constantly attacked, regained confidence, and broke Alumni’s defense every time he proposed. From the beginning of the second stage it was noticeable that the visitor was to impose his game. For 25 minutes, those from Tortuguitas could not have the clear position of the ball and defended as best they could. Hindú flourished, thrashed, demonstrated why it is the highest-scoring team in the tournament and is affirming itself as a firm candidate for this new URBA tournament.


Alumni (20): 1- Federico Lucca, 2- Juan Garri, 3- Ezequiel Olivda; 4- Ignacio Milou, 5- Patricio Andersen; 6- Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7- Juan Alvariñas, 8- Tobías Moyano; 9- Tomás Passerotti ©, 10- Francisco Bautista Canzani; 11- Alejo González; 12- Santiago González Iglesias, 13- Tomás Corneille; 14- Second Gaviña; 15- Maximum Provenzano.

Changes: ST: 15 ‘Joaquín Diaz Luzzi by Segundo Gaviña, 18’ Bautista Vassolo by Juan Alvariñas, 20 ‘Santiago Ambroa by Tomás Passerotti, 23’ Liam Haaly by Federico Lucca, 23 ‘Máximo Castrillo by Juan Garri, 32’ Segundo Maciel by Francisco Bautista Canzani.

Trainers: Santiago Van Der Ghote, Nahuel Neyra and Rodrigo Salice Jiménez Salice.

Hindu (57): 1- Juan Ignacio Martinez Sosa, 2- Agustin Capurro, 3- Facundo Gattas; 4- Carlos Repetto, 5- Juan Comolli; 6- Nicolás D’amorin, 7- Gonzalo Delguy, 8- Lautaro Bavaro; 9- Lucas Pulido, 10- Santiago Fernández ©; 11- Federico Graglia; 12- Belisario Agulla, 13- Joaquín De La Vega; 14- Lisandro Rodríguez; 15- Martín Cancelliere.

Changes: ST: 15 ‘Lucas Camacho by Lucas Pulido, 22’ Cristian Moscetta by Juan Martínez Sosa, 24 ‘Bautista Farise by Santiago Fernández, 25’ Isaias Quiroga by Agustin Capurro, 25 ‘Torcuato Pulido by Federico Graglia, 28’ Federico Lavanini by Juan Comolli, 30 ‘Nicanor Olivetto for Lautaro Bavaro, 34’ Julian Gauthier for Facundo Gattas.

Trainers: Francisco Fernández Miranda, Hernán Senillosa and Juan Gauthier.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 1 ‘try Patricio Andersen converted by Bautista Cazani (A), 10’ penalty try (H), 18 ‘penalty Bautista Canzani (A), 23’ try Santiago González Iglesias converted by Bautista Canzani (A), 32 ‘penalty try (H ), 39 ‘penalty Bautista Canzani (A),

Partial result: 20-21.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 12 ‘try Santiago Fernández (H), 20’ try Agustin Capurro (H), 24 ‘try Nicolás D’amorin converted by Joaquín De La Vega (H), 28’ try Federico Graglia converted by Joaquín De La Vega (H), 33 ‘try Farise converted by Joaquín De La Vega (H), 39’ try Joaquín De La Vega (H).

Final result: 20-57.

Admonished: PT: 9 ‘Federico Lucca (A), 31’ Facundo Gattas (H), 40 ‘Máximo Provenzano (A). ST: 5 ‘Ignacio Etchegoyen (A), 5’ Joaquín De La Vega (H).

Referee: Nehuen Jauri.

Basketball court: Alumni.

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