URBA Top 12: Regatas beat San Luis agonizingly

URBA Top 12: Regatas beat San Luis agonizingly

For the first date of the second round of the URBA Top 12, Bella Vista Regattas it was imposed in an agonizing way 22 to 21 in view of saint Louis.

The beginning was the reflection of the whole game, many fixed formations and few spaces. Both had inaccuracies, due to the rain, and this forced them to commit many infractions. A few minutes later, José de la Torre broke the zero with two long-distance penalties, and the same was done by Felipe Hernández for the visit. Then the local ten converted a corner penalty and left the score 9 – 3.

The joys came in the complement. First it was El Marista under the hard work of his forwards, Franco Fragre dived into the ingoal after several pick & go phases. A few minutes later, Regatas added a penalty and instantly a try by Cruz Camerlinckx came that managed to violate the visiting defense.

The weather changed and the visitors put a prepared play on the line for Franco Gnecco to throw popcorn. The result was 22 to 21 and Hernández missed the conversion.

In the final minutes, Regatas maintained possession and took the entire game in the opposite field so that time was consumed.


RACES (22): 1. Tomás Barbaccia, 16. Pedro García Colinas, 3. Beltrán Landívar, 4. Cristian Sourroille, 5. Tomás Sanguinetti, 6. Agustín Medrano, 7. Tomás Santa Ana 8. Felipe Camerlinckx, 9. Marcos Joseph, 10. José de la Torre, 11. Enrique Camerlinckx, 12. Juan Corso, 24. Alejo Barrera, 14. Felipe Terra, 15. Juan Cruz Camerlinckx (C).

Changes: 28´Felipe Rugoso by Enrique Camerlinckx; 60´Santiago Camerlinckx by Tomás Santa Ana.

Trainers: Pablo Camerlinckx and Felipe Camerlinckx.

SAN LUIS (21): 1. Alan Oubiña (C), 2. Franco Cantalupo, 19. Franco Fagre, 4. Pedro Acerbo, 5. Santiago Wallace, 6. Felipe Piatti, 7. Franco Gnecco, 8. Santiago Canal, 9. Ignacio Castiglione, 10. Bautista Magliano, 11. Facundo Cúcolo, 12. Facundo Gibert, 13. Gonzalo Molina Ferrer, 14. Felipe Hernández, 15. Isidro Martínez.

Changes: 53´Ezequiel Martinez by Franco Fragre. 61´Teo Ferrari by Gonzalo Molina Ferrer and Facundo Alverez Amado by Bautista Magliano, 64 ‘Gastón Pedeflous by Ignacio Castiglione. 66´Matias Perissinotto by Felipe Piatti and Gaston Gimenez by Franco Cantalupo.

Trainers: Luciano Lazzarini, Carlos Hernán Nieto and Andrés Albina.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ́ Penalty converted by José de la Torre (REG). 8 ́ Penalty converted by Felipe Hernández (SL). 11´ Penalty converted by José de la Torre (REG). 39´ Penalty converted by José de la Torre (REG).

Partial result: REGATAS 9 – SAN LUIS 3

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 44´Penal converted by Felipe Hernández (SL). 48´Penal converted by José de la Torre (REG). 53´try by Franco Fagre (SL). 66´try by Juan Cruz Camerlinckx (REG). 70 ́ Penalty converted by Felipe Hernández (SL). 74´try by Franco Gnecco (SL).

Final score: REGATAS 22 – SAN LUIS 21

Admonished: 33´ Tomás Santa Ana (R)

BASKETBALL COURT: Bella Vista Regattas

REFEREE: Mauro Rossi

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