Americas Pacific Challenge: Chile A defeated Paraguay A 62-0 at the start of the tournament

Americas Pacific Challenge: Chile A defeated Paraguay A 62-0 at the start of the tournament

Chile A beat Paraguay A 62-0 at the start of the Americas Pacific Rugby that takes place at the Estadio Charrúa in Montevideo. The winner was broadly dominant and scored eight tries.

The Cóndores A began to fly over the Charrúa Stadium and started the tournament in the best way. With two tries of two identical plays, line at 5 meters, maul and try by Joaquín Milesi first and Diego Escobar later, Chile took the lead from the start.

Paraguay did not manage to put together a game and began to suffer the power of its rival as the minutes went by. Without obtaining and withdrawing to the defensive he managed to stop the Chilean advances but the attrition began to do its job. He could show little of his game and he was slow to move and without surprise.

In the epilogue, Vicente Tredinick made a run of 50 meters and dived into the ingoal, which with the conversion of Diego Wernken left the partial 27-0 for the Chileans.

The complement, with the defined match, Chile dedicated itself to expanding the advantage. There were five more tries of different invoices, but the differences were already eloquent for the winners against a team that did not stand up and felt the rigor they imposed on the match. He could not score points and retired with a win that revealed the differences between each one.


CHILE (62): 1. Vittorio Lastra, 2. Diego Escobar, 3. Esteban Inostroza, 4. Manuel Ripamonti, 5. Santiago Pedrero, 6. Agustín Pérez, 7. Thomas Orchard, 8. Joaquín Milesi, 9. Lukas Carvallo ( c), 10. Diego Wernken, 11. Vicente Tredinick, 12. Juan Piña, 13. Clemente Armstrong, 14. Cristobal Game, 15. Luca Strabucchi.

They entered in the second half: 16. Jorge Delgado, 17. Salvador Lues, 18. Mauricio Gómez, 19. Maximiliano Silva, 20. Vicente Fernández, 21. Ernesto Tchimino, 22. Benjamín Videla, 23. Tomás Alvarado.

Coach: Pablo Lemoine.

PARAGUAY (0): 1. Gastón Salvi, 2. Lucas Otaño, 3. Martín Sitjar (c), 4. Guillermo López Moreira, 5. Mariano Garcete Elli, 6. Matías Benítez, 7. Ariel Núñez, 8. Lautaro Brítez, 7. Ariel Núñez, 8. Lautaro Brítez, 9 Elías Torres, 10. Sebastián Urbieta, 11. Marcelo Matiauda, ​​12. Tomás Mussi, 13. Juan Chilavert, 14. Ignacio González, 15. Arturo López.

They entered in the second half: 16. Luciano Weston, 17. Daniel Cabral, 18. César Pérez, 19. Jesús Montiel, 20. Nicolás Arias, 21, Gonzalo Villalba, 22. Andrés Borgognon, 23. Gianfranco Parodi.

Coach: Ricardo Le Fort.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 9´ Penalty by Diego Wernken (CH), 17´ Try by Joaquín Milesi converted by Diego Wernken (CH), 27´ Penalty by Diego Wernken (CH, 37´ Try by Diego Escobar converted by Diego Wernken ( CH, 41´ Try by Vicente Tredinick converted by Diego Wernken (CH).

Partial result: Chile 27-0 Paraguay

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 1´Try by Cristobal Game converted by Diego Wernken (CH), 15´ Try by Lukas Carvallo converted by Diego Wernken (CH), 24´ Try by Benjamín Videla converted by Diego Wernken (CH), 36´ Try by Ernesto Tchimino converted by Diego Wernken (CH), 39´Try by Benjamín Videla converted by Diego Wernken (CH).

WARNED: PT: 36´ Ariel Nuñez (P).

REFEREE: Tomas Bertazza (Arg).

FIELD: Charrúa Stadium (Montevideo).

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