Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – Game Report – October 24, 2021

Barcelona vs.  Real Madrid - Game Report - October 24, 2021

BARCELONA (Jordi Blanco, correspondent) – Real Madrid stormed the Camp Nou. Again. And it left Barça decomposed and weakened, more than it already was, incredulous of the path to take after a Clásico in which both the Barça team’s seams and the ease with which the meringues took a tight victory were noticed (1 -2) that recorded the difference, today, between the two teams.

Barça wanted to but could not and by linking their fourth lost Clásico showed that it can be a team with a splendid future but has a more than limited present. The first without Messi was another hymn to the depression of a team that lacks a goal, dramatically, and that, even more dramatically, fits as if nothing.

Ancelotti’s were based on biding their time. And from there, after Alaba’s goal, they played with the nerves and despair of a rival who wants but cannot.

Barça appeared revolutionized and Madrid cautious. If Ancelotti said yesterday that “it is good to be afraid” his players seemed to follow his slogans to the letter, the merengue team being widely dominated for twenty minutes that made the local fans think that they could find victory again after four Clásicos adverse … It was a hallucination.

Madrid wanted to warn based on counterattacks in which Vinicius led the way and began to get on Mingueza’s nerves. At 20 minutes he protested a possible penalty, then he touched the goal in a play that ended in nothing for offside and at the end he understood that he had the game on his feet, contemplating the nerves it caused.

And suddenly the game changed its face, color and sensations. From a resounding failure of Dest at 24 minutes, sending a frank shot to the clouds, only against Courtois, Real Madrid put a greater push to the center of the field, dominated by an imperial Busquets, discovering the null contribution of Frenkie de Jong and the speed of his game began to hurt a well-planted Barça … But he received a blow that hurt his soul and his game.

Alaba, a Barça nightmare already in his time as a Bayern player, began and ended a magnificent counter. First by winning the fight against Memphis, then accompanying the counter as an invisible secondary and at the end finishing like a possessed, magnificent, Rodrygo’s assistance, totally unmarked while Piqué and Èric García watched Benzema and Vinicius and Mingueza ran blind, without knowing where Be placed.

First shot between clubs and a goal against. This is the usual drama of Barça, which has already suffered it against Bayern and Granada, against Benfica and Valencia … which is as short of a goal as it is left over from allowing the rival to which it shoots on the goal of Ter Stegen. A superb goalkeeper … And marked by those plays.

From there Koeman’s team broke down. He lost his lucidity and played Madrid at ease until reaching a rest in which Koeman reacted comfortably. Or he tried, tweaking the equipment.

Mingueza left, went down to the side Dest and Coutinho entered to give more meaning to the offensive game, look for the unassisted Ansu and restore faith. But although Coutinho fully complied, the film was already beginning to draw too white in the second half.

An arm of Kroos was protested in the merengue area before Dest gave half a goal to Vinicius, who did not know how to take advantage of it, and before Madrid, in a guerrilla game, sometimes meaningless, had closer to 0- 2 that the 1-1 Barça.

And it came, of course. In added time and when Barça, without organization and with more heart than head, desperately sought a draw. A magnificent counter, a rebound by Ter Stegen and a shot at goal by Lucas Vázquez that signaled the weakness of Èric García.

And Barça, Agüero to the limit, showed that he has blood with his goal … But making it clear that pride is not enough. The Classic was merengue. One more time.

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