Brandon Moreno “sad” by Henry Cejudo

Brandon Moreno "sad" by Henry Cejudo

The trilogy between Brandon Moreno and Deiveson Figueiredo has taken several turns. He first moved from UFC 269 to UFC 270, but also a new element appeared on the scene, the former champion of the category, Henry Cejudo, who opened the doors of his gym in Arizona to the Brazilian for this camp.

The decision came as a surprise to many, as Cejudo was Moreno’s gym partner before he came to the UFC. In fact, he was one of the big drivers for the Mexican to have the opportunity in the promotion, but they have distanced themselves since Cejudo selected Alexandre Pantoja for his team and sent Brandon to Joseph Benavidez’s team in The Ultimate Fighter.

The announcement of the 2008 Beijing Olympic medalist, who is also training Weili Zhang for his rematch with Rose Namajunas, generated noise on social media, “I didn’t see anything except that photo I saw posted and I don’t know what to think. At first it was sad, because he is someone I respected as a person. I thought it was him with bad influences, but now I think he has bad vibes inside. He wants to excuse himself by saying that I am a traitor. He knows what is happening and people do You know. I don’t have to excuse myself from anything and he’s struggling to sleep at night and he’s fine, “Moreno shared in an interview with ESPN Deportes.

Moreno thinks that Cejudo can contribute little to the now challenger, only in the field of his specialty: “The fight, the defense, being more aware of those takedowns that I have been connecting to him and he has not been able to solve in the last fights. But I I know Henry; he is not the best trained and he is not the best person when it comes to strategizing. I saw that in recent years he has changed teams with more strategic people around him, “explained the Tijuana native.

His focus on the fight does not change, because he knows that Figueiredo would be working hard for this fight with or without Cejudo: “If I were Deiveson I would work on adjusting things that I have been doing wrong. Henry is very good, the technical part and nobody fighter. It may demerit it, but other than that I am ready, “he added.

Moreno is undefeated in six appearances since returning to the UFC in 2019 and his evolution since training with Cejudo in 2016 has been remarkable. So the current monarch thinks that what he learned about him will not be of much use.

“If it is based on what we train together, you are making a serious mistake. You have to go to school, watch my videos, what I do right and what I do wrong to make a game plan. Because when I trained with Henry I was a rookie. He had some experience, but he was still very rookie. He was already preparing the championship fight with Demetrious Johnson. “

Apart from the disappointment caused when he found out, he considers that the issue will not affect him personally: “I have managed to overcome it well and I am ready to turn the page.”

Moreno, 27, clarifies that Cejudo’s comments, where he assures that he was the traitor first for camping with his opponents, do not make sense, since it was he who sent him to the team of the former title challenger: “For Benavidez, I went with him because Henry abandoned me in The Ultimate Fighter. I decided to go with him because it was the final of TUF Latin America in Mexico, my whole team went to Mexico City, but I was left alone in Tijuana and I said no I’m going to lose just because he left me alone at TUF, “he declared.

In addition, Moreno assures that despite training with Joseph during the camp for the Cejudo fight, he never participated in the strategy.

“I never spoke of him with Benavidez. It was even strange because Joseph spoke of the fight with other people and I only listened but never gave an opinion. That relationship was formed when he sent me there,” explained the ‘Baby Killer’.

Cejudo, who recently challenged Alexander Volkanovski for the 145-pound belt, seems to be thinking of a comeback and could be heating up a likely confrontation with his partner: “If I thought he was using Figueiredo to create more expectations among him and I, it makes me sadder, for what can get to cause money and fame in order to get it, it makes me sadder and lower “.

He is not in his plans to fight Cejudo, but he would not refuse if it is the UFC plan:

“I do want to make something very clear: I am a very good person and very respectful, but if he wants to fight, if he wants to come against me, I’m ready.

As for Deiveson, he maintains that he is not going to underestimate him, although his personality does not help him for the media, he knows that he is a rival of respect: “He is a robot, he has no soul, he has nothing and I have to overcome the new software that they are putting him in. In the first fight, he already felt on vacation; he thought it was just extra money and I gave him the fight of his life. In the second, he was confident and I dominated him horrible. In the third, he will come with everything to take away what is now mine, but it is up to me to do my best in this camp so as not to let it happen. “

Moreno and Figueiredo face off on January 22 at UFC 270 pay-per-view for the 125-pound title.

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