M20: SIC defeated Hindu 25-10 in an attractive match

M20: SIC defeated Hindu 25-10 in an attractive match

On a sunny day, the San Isidro Club defeated 25-10 a Hindu for the second date, of Group 2 zone A, and it remains with a perfect score. SIC came from a worked 29-22 victory against GEBA, while its rival came from flourishing against Liceo Naval by 78-14.

The meeting started very close. Hindú was the one who proposed to take the initiative in attack, but he found an extremely solid defense that, based on offensive tackles and a lot of neatness, forced his rival to make repetitive handling errors. Little by little, Boulogne’s men began to get ahead in the field, they gained meters and thus, after 25 minutes, they opened the scoring after reaching the try through the wing. Facundo Miguens.

The complement was not very different. The meeting continued very close, with the local relaxing in their great defense and without abusing the kick at any time. Both teams based their game on the line, engaging the forwards and trying to penetrate the rival.

The SIC was seen to be very comfortable throughout the entire match. They were able to play, and win many meters, with their captain Tobias Suarez Blanch as a flag and managed to correct the large number of penalties committed in the first 40 minutes. The Elephant began to hurt late, towards the end of the match, reaching the try, but did not have time to finish reacting.

Thus the Zanjero got the second victory on these first two dates.


SIC (25): 1- Segundo Rubio, 2- Enzo Salvucci, 3- Juan Olcese; 4- Luca Lorenzetti, 5- Pedro Georgalos; 6- Facundo Miguens, 7- Tobias Suarez Blanch ©, 8- Tomás Legarre Matera; 9- Felipe Sascaro, 10- Francisco González Capdevila; 11- Facundo Cartañá; 12- Juan Mateo Busso, 13- Eugenio Rubio; 14- Marcos Olavarria; 15- Manuel Ibañez.

Hindu (10): 1- Agustin Lopez, 2- Benjamin Silveyra ©, 3- Ramón Ortíz; 4- Lautaro Segovia, 5- Francisco Perez Grote; 6- Ignacio Arricau, 7- Santiago Pachano, 8- Lautaro Gismondi; 9- Juan Garcia Cuerva, 10- Gonzalo Sulam; 11- Santiago Astarloa; 12- Bautista Serrano, 13- Simon Pulido; 14- Mateo Melchiori; 15- Martin Sulam.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME 25 ‘try Facundo Miguens converted by Francisco González Capdevila (S), 28’ try Tobias Suarez Blanch (S).

Partial result: 12-0.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME 10 ‘try Santiago Astarloa (H), 12’ penalty Francisco González Capdevila (S), 23 ‘try Segundo Rubio (S), 37’ try Francisco González Capdevila (S), 39 ‘try Santiago Astarloa (H).

Final score: 25-10.

Admonished: There was not.

Referee: Lucas Solda.

Basketball court: SIC.

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