The time El Terrible hinted at doping and Márquez’s stroke of luck on national TV

Terrible Morales provocó a Juan Manuel Márquez en una transmisión de Box Azteca

Érik “Terrible” Morales He remembered the time he hinted that Juan Manuel Marquez struck a stroke of luck and was doping in a transmission of Box Azteca from Aztec TV.

It was in 2015 when the television station joined the Terrible and Marquez with Marco Antonio Barrera and Julio Cesar Chavez, to have them as analysts for the fight between Manny pacquiao and Floyd mayweather.

In a large presentation of Aztec TV, made the presentation of the four commentators.

“As they had everything prepared so that the entrance of Marquez was thus exceptional, “said the Tijuana native in the podcast One More Round. “We were this guy and I, well we turned everything off because we got together and the people. There was morbid because we did not speak to each other. The press did not see very clear how we were going to be together and how we were going to present ourselves ”.

On different occasions, Erik and Juan Manuel they experienced some disagreements and when that happened, there was already a certain rivalry between the two.

“There is a kind of suspicion and apart from that we were talking before the entrance and my compa (Marquez) He went to one side and we said, ‘oh well, no one is here by force,’ ”he added. “We got to this broadcast and they got together there and we got here, and we said, ‘ah, well'” ..

The insinuation of doping from Terrible to Márquez

Thereafter, The terrible he asked Barrier that if they sent any hint to Marquez during transmission.

“I started, wey, do we shoot him?”, He questioned Marco Antonio. “But what are you going to tell him? Let me hit him a little bit, just. We begin to transmit, they give me the voice and I say on the air, ‘no, yes, that song, but let’s see if it doesn’t get a stroke of luck’, throwing the hint “.

Morales luckily referred to the knockout that Juan Manuel he tipped Manny pacquiao in December 2012. That time, the Mexican knocked him out with a right wing.

“Then after a while they answer me and tell me, ‘I don’t believe in luck, that’s for fools,” said the Tijuana native.

“No, he said that lucky breaks are for assholes,” he corrected Barrier.

“Right now, right now they will return it to me,” he replied. Morales. “I start talking, I keep talking and between the time I have to speak I say, ‘Well, you see that lately many fighters use improper substances, drugs and the song and soon, badly, my compadre Julio Cesar Chavez he gets in on it and says, ‘I do, but not anymore.’

The hints of Érik to Juan Manuel

These words of Erik morales provoked the anger of Juan Manuel Márquez for hinting that he was doping.

“We weren’t really talking about him (Chavez), nor who will peel him in the gossip and the nosy got into the gossip “, he added The terrible. “It turns out that this was the first and last show my compadre performed.”

“He no longer appeared, because as he did not like the cheek or the truths, I do not know,” he said. Marco Antonio Barrera. “It was like ping pong, you wanted to return them, but it hardly gave the answer that it was.”

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