URBA Women: La Plata defeated Centro Naval 46-0

URBA Women: La Plata defeated Centro Naval 46-0

At the start of the second round of the URBA women’s tournament, Silver, which was one of the participating groups of the Nacional de Clubes, offered a festival in attack after defeating Naval Center by 46-0. The novelty in this contest is the “12” mode, in which it is played with five forwards and seven backs and two 20-minute halves.

With the wind as the main protagonist, the locals started the game with the right foot, the Venezuelan Gabriela Vera Torres was seen very concentrated going forward every time the ball reached her hands. After a passage of game in the 22 where the Buenosairean group did not do more than to take advantage of its good defense, to the seven minutes the suffocation of the Canarian tide came upon them that was in charge of pressing and pressing.

For this reason, the visitors became energetic thanks to their ability to pressure and that is how the first try of the afternoon came under the signature of the captain and her subsequent conversion, Lucía Petraccaro.

It was an afternoon where the girls from La Plata added seven tries by dint of giving a show in attack. The fullback Paula Ghiorzi was enlightened, scored by two and was also destabilizing as well as fast in the back of the court, and not least, she assisted the try of the wing Saquía Asse. The pillar Dina Berrojalbiz also signed two arrivals to the ingoal. And then the Puma María Taladrid was dispatched with everything after the meeting points were very well taken care of by Josefina Castelnuovo. To garnish with one last try before the final whistle, after some good sleight of hand, scrum-half Sabrina Del Percio arrived.

A very tough game for Centro, but it has the justification that more than half of its players are in loss due to the number of injuries. They will have to score later, improve pressure and be more forceful when tackling. Of course, the good attitude of the team was the high point.


Naval Center (0): 1. Natalia Lobo, 2. Bianca Figueroa, 3. Agustina Diz ©, 4. Victoria Pérez Russo, 5. Victoria Colombato, 9. Giuliana Maiale, 10. Gabriela Vera Torres, 11. María Eva Cuevas, 12.Victoria Zanela, 13. Eliana Mauras, 14. Celeste Pezzella, 15. Najhuat Avellano.

Substitute: Petrik Bárbaro.

Coaches: Agustín Pueta, Marcos Conde Cordero and Martín Veira.

La Plata (46): 1. Dina Berrojalbiz, 2. Cecilia Manzanares, 3. Lourdes Díaz, 4. Josefina Castelnuovo, 5. Juana Daroda, 9. Sabrina Del Percio, 10. Lucía Petraccaro ©, 11.Luciana Maldonado, 12. Soledad Cerisola, 13. María Taladrid, 14. Saquía Asse, 15. Paula Ghiorzi.

Substitutes: Renata Ruiz, Sol Rodríguez and Catalina Cingolani.

Coaches: Fernando Torrijos and Daniel Cappellani.

So many in the PT: 6 ‘, try by Petraccaro converted by her (LP), 11’, try by Paula Ghiorzi converted by Petraccaro (LP), 15 ‘, try by Dina Berrojalbiz (LP), 18’, try by María Taladrid (LP), 20 ‘, try by Saquía Asse (LP).

Partial Result: Cross 0-29 La Plata

So many in the ST: 5 ‘, Try by Dina Berrojalbiz (LP), 8’, try by Paula Ghiorzi converted by Petraccaro (LP), 19 ‘, try by Sabrina del Precio (LP).

Referee: Lidia Acosta

Field: Naval Center

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