Buccaneers and Chiefs, teams from the past Super Bowl, live drastic contrast

Buccaneers and Chiefs, teams from the past Super Bowl, live drastic contrast

The last two teams to meet in an NFL Super Bowl are living diametrically opposite moments

NFL Week 7 marks the start of the second third of the season.

Right at this moment, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas city chiefs, the teams that played in the past Super Bowl LV last February, they experienced contrasting situations.

Tampa bay marches with a 6-1 record, with a single loss to Los Angeles Rams On a trip from the east coast to the west coast.

That defeat, in fact, is the only one suffered by the Buccaneers since November 29, 2020. That is, only one match lost from the last 14 games.

Tampa bay – Like all teams – has been affected by injuries, and this impacted the champion team, mainly on the perimeter.

Either way, Bucs managed to stay as one of the best teams in the NFL.

While Tampa bay remains on the road to try to obtain the double championship, the Chiefs They are experiencing a crisis that looks more pronounced than it first appeared.

The Chiefs, who looked strong enough to contend in one of the most competitive divisions – such as the West of the American Conference – today they are in last place along with the Denver Broncos, both with a 3-4 record.

Beyond the losing record, the display of the still champion of the Conference has been very regrettable.

If you remember last year – particularly in the Super bowl-, the defense and the offensive line of the Chiefs, greatly diminished by injuries, were the argument for the defeat against Tampa bay.

Well, eight months later, those two units seem to be worse.

Defense is one of the weakest. It is located No. 27 overall, and in some departments, as the second worst, for example, ground defense.

With a defense that receives more than 30 points per game, Patrick Mahomes he has literally had to carry the equipment.

Even the Most Valuable Player of 2019 he has had a lot of errors that are not common for him. Mahomes he has suffered a total of eight interceptions in seven games. Last year, in 16 games he had a total of six. A year earlier, it was only five.

MahomesIt was the only reason to continue putting the current American champion in contention. Today, it seems that even with him it is not enough.

Some say that the complicated schedule that has fallen to Kansas city has not had it Tampa bay, and that’s true. The Chiefs have faced the Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills and Tennessee Titans.

Tampa bay He has only played against two record winning teams.

However, the team of Kansas city that we knew until last year would not have made so many mistakes.

To the team of Andy Reid He still has games to play against Green bay packers, twice a Las Vegas Raiders, Chargers, Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas cowboys, so the picture looks complicated.

The forecasts of many who believed that Kansas city would arrive for the third consecutive year at Super bowl, today they look very disproportionate.

Seven teams will qualify for the postseason by conference. In the west, Chargers and Raiders they look like they have a better chance of reaching the playoffs.

11 weeks after the end of the season, Tampa bay He is still a strong candidate to win his division, and it would not be surprising if he reaches the Conference Championship Game.

About Kansas cityToday he has no arguments to even reach the postseason.

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