Dillian Whyte says Tyson Fury is not the greatest of the heavyweights

Dillian Whyte asegura que Tyson Fury no es el más grande de los pesos pesados

Dillian whyte, who would be the next rival of Tyson fury, noted that the heavyweight champion of the CMB not the best ever.

Who has he fought with? Deontay Wilder and (Wladimir) Klitschko. He cannot call himself the greatest, ”Whyte said in an interview with Alex thomas from CNN. “Okay, maybe now you are the best heavyweight of your time because you have not lost, you have defeated everyone who gets ahead of you. But you are not the best ever ”.

Whyte made it clear that Gypsy king he has not had the weight rivals as the great heavyweight idols had.

“You haven’t even achieved half of what he did. Lennox lewis, Muhammad Ali, Joe frazier, George Foreman, all these guys, “he said Whyte.

Dillian Whyte knows how to beat Tyson Fury

Whyte He assured that he wants to face Fury to find out how good he is at holding up his power and explosiveness above the ring.

“I want to fight the best fighters in the world and Tyson fury He is the man of the moment, he is the undefeated heavyweight champion, he is the one who has won all the belts, “he added. Whyte. “I bring power, explosiveness and aggression. One thing with me is that I aim for the head and the body ”.

In the same way, he pointed out what is the key to beating him and that nobody has done it perfectly above the ring when they have it face to face.

“A lot of guys seem to chase Fury. And he just shakes his head and stays out of range and all that and no one takes aim at his body. I will target his head and his body every minute of every round, ”he argued.

Regarding his fight against Wallin, Whyte who, due to being injured, had to cancel his participation said that he is “devastated” by the cancellation: “I really wanted to knock out Wallin and I would have done it in the first half of the fight. “

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