Green Packers look like they don’t get wet, but they do get wet

Green Packers look like they don't get wet, but they do get wet

Like every Monday, we go with the conclusions after the seventh day of NFL American football: #nflxespn

1. The Packers may not look like the big game, but they continue to win solidly. The red zone defense improved this Sunday after being a great weakness in previous weeks. Now comes a heavy calendar, although they will begin to recover injured.

2. Washington’s defense had 3 sacks and played a good game. The offense moved the ball but they only scored 3 points in 4 trips to the red zone and have 23 points in the last 2 games. Good teams don’t make as many mistakes as those led by Ron Rivera.

3. This is the second time this season the Falcons have come from behind to win. At the same time, it is the second straight game in which rookie tight end Kyle Pitts has surpassed 100 yards passing. Younhoe Koo is one of the most trusted kickers in the league.

4. Tua Tagovailoa showed promising moments, although he threw a couple of costly interceptions. The defense forced two losses, but it was a sieve. The Dolphins have lost six in a row and the season is over. Chris Grier and Brian Flores, in that order, in the hot seat.

5. It’s the second time this season that the Patriots have won relatively easily, and interestingly both were against the Jets. Damien Harris had a great on the ground, although the defense through the air remains somewhat vulnerable with the Chargers on the horizon.

6. Zach Wilson’s knee injury becomes the Jets’ main focus of attention. The rookie QB needs reps, and could be out for multiple weeks. Mike White is not a competent backup, and I would go looking for a veteran to promote young team development.

7. In case anyone had any doubts, the Bengals are a careful opponent. Beating up the Ravens that puts them on top of the AFC North. Ja’Marr Chase is off to a historically good start, the defense is much stronger than last year. Cincy’s best win in years.

8. The running game was the Ravens’ calling card, and now outside of Lamar Jackson’s improvisation, it is a problem for Baltimore. The same as the defense through the air, which played a good game against the Chargers, but has been a disaster the rest of the year.

9. Without his four most talented players on offense, Daniel Jones played a very good game, made no losses and even had a reception. At the same time, the defense had six sacks and played its best game of the year, limiting Carolina to less than 200 total yards.

10. Sam Darnold’s crash continues. He played so poorly against the Giants that he was benched and replaced by PJ Walker. The Panthers insist that Darnold is their starter, but rumors that they would be looking for Deshaun Watson are louder and louder.

11. Power statement from the Titans, who have now defeated two AFC heavyweights in consecutive weeks. Ryan Tannehill and AJ Brown shone through the air with big plays, and if something was missing for Derrick Henry, it was throwing a TD pass. The defensive line dominated.

12. Patrick Mahomes is going back to some sins we used to see when he was at Texas Tech; taking unnecessary risks and committing losses. Chiefs’ offense was unrecognizable, and Mahomes should have come out with a head hit but no commotion.

13. Despite not having their starting offensive tackle Jack Conklin, the Browns’ offensive line dominated the Broncos at will. D’Ernest Johnson averaged 6.6 yards per carry, and perhaps sentenced the fact that they won’t sign Kareem Hunt long-term. Mayfield? Doubtful.

14. The offensive calls from the Broncos are exasperating. Rather than turning Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams on, it would be nice to have some schemes with two backs. The defense was a tackling machine and Vic Fangio’s job is in jeopardy. Jerry Jeudy is back.

15. Tom Brady adds yet another accolade to his extraordinary career and becomes the first quarterback in history to throw for 600 touchdowns. They survived another week with endless injuries in high school, recording 4 sacks and 3 interceptions. Bucs look strong.

16. Justin Fields didn’t look comfortable at any point in the game, and since taking over, he and Allen Robinson seem to be on completely different pages. They failed to capture Tom Brady once, and Khalil Herbert was the only light on an afternoon to be forgotten.

17. Arizona didn’t play well, as incredible as it sounds considering they won by 26 points. They beat Kyler Murray too hard, who ended up in cotton wool as Arizona prepares for a potentially crucial game Thursday against the Packers. Nice debut for Zach Ertz.

18. The Texans aren’t even being competitive right now, and it feels like the only good news will be when they trade Deshaun Watson and at least have draft capital to sound for the future. They haven’t scored an away touchdown since Week 2.

19. Speaking of not playing well, the Rams struggled to overtake Detroit, but their stars Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp appeared at important moments. The special teams were an absolute disaster and they did not look prepared.

20. Although they still do not know the victory, the Lions will be an uncomfortable team because they have nothing to lose, they take risks that seem illogical, and they still do not negotiate the effort despite the 0-7. D’Andre Swift and Kalif Raymond were Detroit’s highest points.

21. I don’t know if it’s a fluke or not, but the Raiders have played their best football since Jon Gruden’s departure. Derek Carr completed more than 90 percent of his passes despite not having Darren Waller. The only bad news was Josh Jacobs’ chest injury.

22. The Eagles had 10 days to prepare for this game, and they looked deflated after the first series. The defense continues to have trouble stopping the running attack and they looked passive. Nick Sirianni must show Philadelphia more if he is to survive beyond the year.

23. It was a crucial game for the Colts, who now need to beat the Titans to stay alive in the division. Conditions were horrible and with bugs just around the corner, Carson Wentz is showing a better version at Indianapolis every time.

24. The season is beginning to slip from the hands of the 49ers. After an inspired 1st series, they didn’t give Elijah Mitchell as much prominence. Brandon Aiyuk is still absent, the defense is a penalty machine, and Trey Lance’s calls are going to get louder.

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