“In a way, there is a rivalry with Barby Juárez,” acknowledges Jackie Nava

Jackie Nava Barby Juárez

Although it is not a personal matter, Jackie Nava recognizes that there is a rivalry with Mariana “Barby” Juárez, for the parallelism in their careers. He assured that due to the experience of both and their trajectory in the ring, it is the right time to do the fight.

“The one that brings the most courage, hunger and heart is the one that will win,” he said. Nava prior to the close of his intense preparation. “It has to be smart boxing and pressure from both (to win), so I think the one that brings more condition. The experience belongs to both parties ”.

Jackie Nava acknowledges rivalry with Barby Juárez

After almost three years since the first negotiations began, the long-awaited fight will finally take place between two of the icons of women’s boxing in Mexico. Both began their careers more than 20 years ago and have walked, in parallel, with successes in their careers.

“In a way, yes (there is rivalry)” he confessed Jackie about Mariana. “I have nothing against her, but when the two reached the same weight, that rivalry began to develop. More than anything because of the races that have gone in different directions, but it is an appropriate moment for that fight to take place ”.

Although both boast different styles, Jackie Nava He considered that they will accommodate themselves to offer a great fight and that the people who go to the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium will enjoy it.

“I have seen that it has different facets,” he commented. Jackie of his rival. “She can be a fajadora, run, box, I think for that reason it can be an interesting fight. My style has been a little more technical, a little faster, we are going to find a way to put up a great fight with her. They will say that we are great, but I think it is a fight where we can give a lot at the top of the ring ”.

Jackie Nava and Mariana “Barby” Juárez will contest the Super Bantamweight Diamond title next Saturday World Boxing Council, in an evening that will begin at 5:00 p.m. in Tijuana, where a full house is expected in the Municipal Auditorium.

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