Kyle Shanahan “I would guess so” remains Jimmy Garoppolo as 49ers starter

Kyle Shanahan "I would guess so" remains Jimmy Garoppolo as 49ers starter

It remains to be seen when rookie Trey Lance could supplant veteran Jimmy Garoppolo as the starting quarterback in San Francisco.

SANTA CLARA –With the consecutive losing streak of the San Francisco 49ers in four, the external demands for the rookie quarterback Trey lance replace Jimmy Garoppolo as a starter they have become stronger.

It remains to be seen when Throw impersonate Garoppolo, but the head coach of the Niners, Kyle Shanahan, sounded more uncertain about his quarterback status Sunday night than at any other time this season.

After a 30-18 loss to the Indianapolis Colts that left the 49ers with a 2-4 record, a Shanahan he was asked if Garoppolo would start next week before the Chicago Bears.

“I would guess so,” he replied. Shanahan. “I’ll watch the video and see if the boys are healthy, first of all.”

A few moments later, to Shanahan He was asked what his process would be to decide who would be the starting quarterback against Chicago.

“I have a whole team that I have to worry about,” he said. Shanahan. “I’m not just thinking about the quarterback situation now. I will be evaluating everything, I will see where our team is, I will see who gives us the best opportunity to beat Chicago and I’ll see what our options are … But, we have a lot to resolve. “

To see “what are our options”, Shanahan was referring, of course, to the situations of Garoppolo and Throw, neither of which has been a portrait of health in recent weeks.

Against the Colts, Garoppolo returned from a right calf injury suffered against the Seattle Seahawks On October 3rd.

Throw began on October 10 for which it culminated in a defeat against the Arizona cardinals instead of Garoppolo, but he sprained his left knee in that game, leaving him inactive for the game tonight this past Sunday.

While Garoppolo was able to take advantage of the team’s free day in the Week 6 to heal enough and start against Indianapolis, Shanahan remains uncertain as to when it will be ready Throw to play. The 49ers they expected the injury of Throw it would last a week or two, but he didn’t participate in last week’s practices, and it might take time to heal before he can be activated again, let alone start.

In the meantime, Garoppolo He continues to deal with his own injuries. After finishing 16-of-27 pass attempts for 181 yards with a touchdown, a fumble and two interceptions Sunday night, Garoppolo He admitted that his calf still bothered him throughout the game, although he said it did not “limit” him at all.

“He held on,” he said Garoppolo. “It definitely felt, at times. But, it is what it is. All the guys out there, we’re all playing with something right now. It’s that moment in the season.”

In addition to the quarterback situation, the 49ers they must find answers for all the ills they suffer, and soon. Sunday night’s defeat was the fifth of San Francisco against the Colts, going back to 2005, and they left the 49ers 4.5 matches behind Arizona on the NFC West.

On a night of rain and wind in Levi’s Stadium, many of the same problems that have plagued Niners all season they continued to be a topic. In particular, an inability to convert on a third chance (1 of 11), a negative differential of -2 in ball deliveries, and a proclivity for defensive pass interference. The Niners were punished for five defensive pass interference, with the Colts accepting three of them for 97 yards, leaving the total of San Francisco for the season at 11, the most in the league.

It all came together for another gloomy dressing room moment at the end of the game, with Shanahan admitting that he deserves the criticism that is directed towards him after the disappointment of his team.

“You lose four consecutive games, I am the head coach of this team, I hope and deserve it,” he said. Shanahan.

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