This is what it cost to recover the ball from Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown pass

This is what it cost to recover the ball from Tom Brady's 600th touchdown pass

In the first instance, wide receiver Mike Evans threw the ball into the stands without realizing that a historic milestone had been reached for the NFL.

Tom brady became the first player in the history of the NFL with 600 touchdown passes this afternoon during the victory of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home on the Chicago Bears.

The historic pass ball had an adventure of its own.

Brady was greeted with a hug by the head coach Bruce arians after the play, but the recipient of the score submission N ° 600, Mike evans, threw the ball to a fan in the stands, without realizing that it was a new milestone until he told him Arians.

“I told him, ‘You’re going to have to give that guy a couple of jerseys to get that ball back,'” he joked. Arians regarding what he said to Evans. “I said, whether you get two of the jerseys from Tom [o dos tuyos] but you need to get that ball back for him. And he replied, ‘Do you really want that ovoid?’ I said, ‘I bet he’s going to want that ball.’

A Tampa Bay team official eventually recovered the ball, handing the fan a spare one. Also, the team gave the fan a $ 1,000 gift certificate to the club’s official store, as reported by The Athletic.

“It was pretty great, I have it in a bag over there,” he said. Brady. “Mike gave it away. He said, ‘Man, I’m sorry. I’m going to get it back. ‘ I said, ‘Okay, they’ll surely find a way to get it back.’ But actually, I don’t keep too many things, so … under those circumstances, I felt like I was a good one to keep. “

“He’s going to get something nice back. So we’ll give him a helmet or a pair of jerseys or something else. It was pretty great of him to do that. [devolverlo]”.

According to The Athletic, the fan is from St. Petersburg, on Florida, and it’s called Byron kennedy. The Buccaneers they won the match 38-3.

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