Americas Pacific Challenge: Uruguay A defeated Chile A 24-17

Americas Pacific Challenge: Uruguay A defeated Chile A 24-17

Uruguay A beat Chile A by 24-17 by the second date of Americas Pacific Challenge which takes place at the Charrúa Stadium in Montevideo. Adjusted victory for the eastern team.

All expectant for this duel between Uruguay A and Chile A, both at the beginning did not give in in any way. Each with their style and form went forward and most of the game took place in the middle of the court. Diego warnken broke the zero and advanced on the scoreboard to the trans-Andean team, however Matías D’Avanzo he soon managed to equal the result 3-3.

In a moment of lucidity, the back line made a variation in the race and Mateo Viñals With great criteria he stepped inside and left the rival defense without answers, the score was 10 to 3. On the other hand, Chile A with a prepared move managed to tie again thanks to the try of Santiago Pedrero and opening conversion Diego Warnken.

In the complement under so much intensity Chile A felt the tiredness and Uruguay A hurt with a very good individuality of Baltazar Amaya, who passed the ball from offload to Lucas Bianchi that, at full speed, reached the rival ingoal. Later, by means of a powerful maul, he was Guillermo Pujadas, who scored a new conquest and stretched the difference in the result in favor of the homeowners.

In the end with fresh air coming in from the substitute bench, Chile A was encouraged and sought to reverse the history of the match. With an intense pick & go the trans-Andean people approached, Joaquin Milesi saw a crack and supported. However, Uruguay with intelligence and putting all the claw to the defensive work, was able to contain the visit to be able to take the victory on the second date of the contest.


Uruguay A (24): 1. Mateo Perillo, 2. Guillermo Pujadas, 3. Mathías Franco, 4. Felipe Aliaga, 5. Juan Juan Garese (cap), 6. Lucas Bianchi, 7. Tomás Etcheverry, 8. Carlos Deus, 9. Santiago Álvarez, 10 Matías D’Avanzo, 11. Bautista Basso, 12. Felipe Arcos Pérez, 13. Koba Brazionis, 14. Mateo Viñals, 15. Baltazar Amaya.

They entered: PT 20´ Juan Zuccarino by Matías D’Avanzo. 54´Lucas Piriz by Juan Juan Garese. 65´Emiliano Faccennini by Guillermo Pujadas, Sydney Werner by Lucas Bianchi and Santiago Percivale by Santiago Álvarez. 67´Ignacio Álvarez by Koba Brazionis.

Coach: Oscar Duran.

Chile A (17): 1. Vittorio Lastra, 2. Diego Escobar, 3. Esteban Inostroza, 4. Santiago Pedrero, 5. Agustín Fernández, 6. Raimundo Martínez, 7. Thomas Orchard, 8. Ernesto Tchimino, 9. Lukas Carvallo (cap), 10. Diego Warnken, 11. Vicente Tredinick, 12. Juan PIña, 13. Clemente Armstrong, 14. Gaspar Moltedo, 15. Luca Strabucchi.

They entered: 51 ‘. Joaquín Milesi by Santiago Pedrero and Mauricio Gómez by Esteban Inostroza. 54´Tomás Alvarado by Juan PIña. 80´ Maximiliano Silva by Joaquín Milesi.

Coach: Pablo Lemoine.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 8´ penalty converted by Diego Warnken (CHI), 14´ penalty converted by Matías D’Avanzo (URU), 18´ try by Mateo Viñals converted by Matías D’Avanzo (URU), 30´ try by Agustín Fernández converted by Diego Warnken (CHI).

Partial result: Uruguay A 10-10 Chile A

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 41´ try by Lucas Bianchi converted by Juan Zuccarino (URU), 52´ try by Guillermo Pujadas converted by Juan Zuccarino (URU), 62´ try by Joaquín Milesi converted by Diego Warnken (CHI).

Final result: Uruguay A 24-17 Chile A

REFEREE: Tomás Bertazza (ARG)

BASKETBALL COURT: Charrúa Stadium (Montevideo).

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