Cristian Javier could be a key player for the Astros in the absence of McCullers Jr.

Cristian Javier could be a key player for the Astros in the absence of McCullers Jr.

The World Series goes exclusively to all of Central America through ESPN signals

The Major League Baseball World Series kicks off this October 26 between the Houston Astros who come out with Framber Valdez on the mound and the Atlanta Braves who put their trust in right-hander Charlie Morton.

If the series is extended, it is almost certain, if there are no injuries, that both pitchers will have the opportunity to appear again in one of the subsequent games, up to two more times.

Precisely because of the injuries and the short performances that several of the starters have had this postseason, the choices of the starting pitchers and the administration of the bullpen will be key in an instance like the World Series, where it is not strange that a starter has to relieve in another game according to the circumstances.

For the Astros, that’s where the figure of Cristian Javier, who in his 24 years and second season in the majors has proven to be a valuable and arguably underutilized piece of the team.

In a low-key way, the Santo Domingo native has been one of the best Dominican pitchers of the season, but perhaps he has gone under the radar because he does not have a fixed role on the Astros pitching staff.

Ironically, there is its value with the Houston team, since in any instance that has been required, it more than complies, entering to pitch in all episodes except for the third inning.

In the regular season he saw action in 36 games in which in 9 he did it as a starter and 5 as a closer. The others were in the middle relief for the Astros, leaving a 3.55 ERA in 101.1 innings of work with a 4-1 record and 2 saves.

Although it is not time to look back, Javier could have been a very good option to be the starter or at least the opener in the fourth or fifth game against the Boston Red Sox if needed, especially due to the absence of Lance McCullers Jr. ., who will not be able to participate in the World Series either.

For now, the Dominican right-hander will remain an interesting wild card for the World Series against the Braves, where he will try to maintain his impeccable ERA, by being used at key moments in the series.

Remember that you will be able to see all the games of the World Series in Central America, exclusively on ESPN.

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