Gallardo does not trust himself towards the title: “We need to achieve the goal, but we are on the right track”

Gallardo does not trust himself towards the title: "We need to achieve the goal, but we are on the right track"

After River’s 3-0 win over Argentinos Juniors, which consolidated the Millionaire at the top with a difference of nine points over his Talleres escort, Marcelo gallardo He spoke at a press conference about the good time his team is going through and its future.

“Taking a positive streak of results and combining it with solidity in the game, puts us in a privileged situation. It happened today, in Córdoba and with Boca; it led us to be in a situation of great privilege, we took nine points from the second” said the Doll.

However, he assured that there is still much to play in the League Tournament: “We still need to achieve the goal. But we are on the way, we see the goal clearly and that has us very well, very safe. Hopefully we can reach the end of the year with the objective fulfilled “.

All the phrases of Gallardo in a press conference:

“I don’t like to talk every week about my decision when my contract ends. Now I want to enjoy this constant thinking about each game, we are too connected to start thinking about the end of the year ”.

“What we did was have to challenge ourselves due to the great difficulties to form a team, to have the availability of the squad. We have had many injuries, difficulties all the time.”

“We feel great satisfaction because we consolidated a team. Even with difficulties, we have obtained good results and we got into the fight. We continue to have important players outside but I am satisfied with what we obtained.”

“I do not take into account the data, the statistics. I am in other types of situations, in other searches. I regret not being in that line. It is good to highlight them but I do not get carried away by that.

“I am eternally grateful for the affection of the people. The way to return that affection is for them to feel identified with what the team gives them. It is my feeling.”

“I am not surprised by the evolution of Agustín Palavecino, he is a very intelligent boy. When he arrived, he quickly inserted himself into the idea of ​​the team. He showed it to me from the start. He has had bumps like the team in general.”

“Sometimes processes are processes. Times are set by the footballer’s personality. I like that they continue to insist and I try to accompany them in some potholes that they go through. Not only with talent can you play in River, if you don’t have a good head and a good balance is tricky. “

“I think that, by playing a single competition, we have a greater focus and determination. It is the first time that has happened to us. We would like to be in another position but it helps. But we were far from staying there and not looking for solutions.”

“I feel more like a coach because of the journey and the experience that the years give you. The difficulty is that there is no single management, I have had to deal with many situations, with permanent changes. With experienced players, with young people. The best it’s balance. “

“The message has always been clear and that helps. It is not easy to manage the ego of soccer players, I was a player and I know what it is. I learn every day and constantly evolve.”

“With important absences, the good thing is that it is not noticeable. Nicolás (De La Cruz) had a rare injury, we have no experience. He is better and trying to recover with the medication and when he feels that he is to return to training he will do it with the accompaniment of doctors “.

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