“Jackie Nava vs Barby Juárez, a watershed for Mexican women’s boxing,” says Guerrera Torres

Jackie Nava vs Barby Juárez, un parteaguas para el boxeo femenil mexicano, señala Guerrera Torres

The character they show Jackie Nava and Mariana “Barby” Juárez will be decisive to achieve victory this Saturday, he considered Ana María “Guerrera” Torres, who hopes that this fight will be a watershed in Mexican women’s boxing.

“More than anything it is the preparation, the dedication and as I say the character above the ring, it is when you see the difference,” said the Guerrera Torres in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “It will be a very interesting and attractive fight, it was expected for a long time, they have technique, character, decision, especially above the ring, they already know their trade and have that experience that is sought.”

Nava vs Juárez, a watershed in Mexican women’s boxing

After more than three years since the negotiations began, one of the most anticipated fights in women’s boxing will finally take place this Saturday in Tijuana.

It is a fight from which a war is expected that marks a before and after for women’s boxing, considered the Warrior.

“Hopefully it will be a watershed,” he commented. Ana Maria. “We all expect a great war fight, with good technique and grit. They are both good fighters, they have a similar punch, I have felt them, they are more boxers than fighters, it will be an interesting fight. In general, I am happy for women’s boxing. This is another milestone for Mexican women’s boxing to continue growing and showing that there is a lot of quality ”.

Photo: El Sol de México.

Torres’ fights against Jackie and against Barby

The Guerrera Torres She is considered one of the iconic fighters in the history of Mexican women’s boxing and one of the best in history. She last fought more than nine years ago, she was a super fly champion of the World Boxing Council. He faced the Barby juarez, two to Jackie Nava and he did not lose to them, although he drew once with each.

Of those lawsuits there are two that he remembers in particular. The first, when he beat the Barby in June 2002 to proclaim herself the national bantamweight champion. It was a contest in which a hand was broken. And the second, against Jackie in July 2007, where it was imposed by unanimous decision.

“The third with Mariana We both arrived very prepared, wanting to be champions ”, recalled the Warrior. “In that fight I fractured my hand in the third or fourth round, the second metacarpal. I still won, which is why I say character matters. With Jackie they were spectacular, especially the second one with his people, his company, beating him there is something that remains in my memory, in history ”.

He assured that the recognition that the World Boxing Council The winner, the Diamond super bantamweight belt, is deserved and to highlight her career.

“The CMB It is giving them that recognition that I think they deserve, it seems to me that when a Diamond belt is disputed, it is champion against champion, “he says. Ana Maria. “Right now none of them are champions, but the CMB She has valued the effort they have made in their career, what they have worked for, they are star fighters and they are recognized. What it does is highly valued Mauricio Sulaiman for women’s boxing, especially for this fight ”.

Barby Juarez vs Jackie Nava
Photo: Box Azteca.

Jackie vs Barby, prediction fight reserved for La Guerrera

Ana Maria He did not want to compromise and point to a favorite. She is sure that the rivalry with both remained in the ring and that the two are great exponents of women’s boxing. He wished them luck for the lawsuit to be held on Saturday at the Tijuana Municipal Auditorium.

“It is going to be an important fight,” he said. “I don’t like to get into that dilemma of who is going to win or not. It will be a strategy fight, on the corner, especially that they see their fighter and treat her as it should be. Both for me are very good, I cannot give a prognosis as such, but it will be a great fight. The two were in the Otomí for their preparation and they are looking forward to this fight ”.

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