Mike Tomlin emphatically denies any interest in directing at the collegiate level

Mike Tomlin emphatically denies any interest in directing at the collegiate level

The name of the current Steelers head coach has recently been linked to vacancies at USC and LSU.

PITTSBURGH – The head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mike Tomlin, emphatically stated on Tuesday that does not contemplate a move to the college ranks… not now, not never.

Tomlin snuffed out speculation that he might be among the candidates to fill college vacancies for USC or LSU. at the end of their weekly press conference this Tuesday.

“Hey guys, I don’t have time for that speculation,” he said. Tomlin. “I mean, it’s a joke to me. I have one of the best jobs in all of professional sports. Why would I have any interest in directing college football?

“That will be the last time I talk about it. Not just today, but in the future. Never say never, but never, OK? Anyone else have a question about college jobs. There isn’t a promoter with a big enough blank check.” .

It was not over. After one last call for questions, Tomlin closed with a final statement.

“Is there anyone asking [el head coach de los New Orleans Saints] Sean Payton about this? Is anyone asking [el head coach de los Kansas City Chiefs] Andy Reid about things like that? “

The name of Tomlin was recently linked to vacancies in USC and LSU through the speculations of the former general manager of the Buffalo Bills, Doug Whaley, who also spent a decade with the leadership of the Steelers, and the former defensive back of the Steelers and current analyst for ESPN, Ryan clark. The former quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals, Carson Palmer, the name of Tomlin as one who could be considered for the position at the head of USC.

Tomlin, who became the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl at the age of 36 when Steelers they beat the Arizona cardinals at Super Bowl XLIII, add a sheet of 154-87-1 and never had a losing season since he took the helm in Pittsburgh in 2007.

After short stays with VMI, Memphis and Arkansas State, Tomlin jumped into the ranks of coaches in the NFL as defensive backs coach for the Bengals in 1999. From there, it went to Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the same position, before jumping to the Minnesota Vikings as defensive coordinator for the 2006 season.

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