The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 7

The NFL Power Rankings, at the end of Week 7

We reviewed the league’s pecking order after seven days of activity in the regular season

The Week 7 The regular season gave us a handful of surprises, and a bunch of bulky scores.

Several of those called to fight for supremacy from each of the two conferences stumbled, while others emerged as serious contenders.

In other latitudes, some of the fund teams still have a hard time staying competitive, but a few achieved their best showing yet.

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After seven weeks of campaign action, this is what it looks like the pecking order of the 32 NFL teams:

Note: The numbers in parentheses correspond to the position of each team in the previous week.

Arizona became even more powerful with the addition of Zach Ertz, and although they face a difficult test on Thursday, the reality something that has been overlooked is the work of their defense, a situation that they will resolve against Aaron Rodgers and company to become one. of conversation topics. – LMV

The Buccaneers are scoring cluster points and on the other side of the ball, the defense has been able to offset the seemingly endless racah of injuries in the secondary, for now. The chemistry works 100 percent and there is little reason to doubt that this team can repeat in the Super Bowl. – RZ

The positive is that the Rams finally became a team that knows how to win even when they play poorly. However, Los Angeles needs to start the games better so as not to suffer until the end, because they will not always face opponents who do not know how to keep advantages like the Lions. – EC

The red zone defense improved remarkably, and now it’s his job to confirm it against Kyler Murray and company. What continues to leave several questions is the ability of the offense to move the ball and now they will suffer without Davante Adams when entering the COVID-19 list. – LMV

Two consecutive weeks of tremendous hits on the table have Tennessee at the top of our list, even though they haven’t received an elite level of play from the top position on the field, Ryan Tannehill. We don’t know how much lifespan Derrick Henry has left, but as long as it keeps running, this team is a match for anyone. – RZ

Dak Prescott has had plenty of time to recover from the calf injury he sustained on the play of the last-minute win over the Patriots in Week 6, or at least that’s the hope in Dallas, because the Cowboys need their quarterback to move. find yourself healthy if you want to aspire to something this season. – EC

Joe Burrow saved his best performance, perhaps, for the most important game in the division to completely tear apart a highly respected defense with 416 yards and three touchdown passes, but there is also little talk of the great work they did to contain. to Lamar Jackson and company. What a way to get under the radar of several. – LMV

While it was disappointing that the attack could only score 17 points at home to Cincy, even more disappointing was the performance of a defense who seemed to go into the game with their hands full of butter, unable to make tackles left and right. – RZ

The Bills had to take advantage of their bye week to reorganize after the painful loss to the Titans, and there is nothing better to set the course than the most comfortable stretch of the season against opponents who combine for a dismal 3-16 record (Dolphins , Jaguars and Jets). – EC

Derek Carr saved a game of more than 300 yards and only three incomplete passes for Las Vegas to stay on track and as one of the teams that fights the top of the AL West even though at first it was thought that they would be fighting for the last place of it. Now comes the break and then tough games against the Chiefs, Bengals and Cowboys will be tested for real. – LMV

After failing their last exam, the Chargers had time to ponder their mistakes and mentally recover before traveling to face what will undoubtedly be an uncomfortable synodal in New England. The Pats’ multiple defense could be quite a challenge for the Bolts. – RZ

The Browns found a way to win despite the absences of Baker Mayfield, Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, which is quite encouraging, but it is urgent that they begin to recover their offensive weapons with the Steelers, Bengals and Patriots on the horizon for the next three weeks. . – EC

The defense deserves an honorable mention for their sacks and the constant pressure they exerted on Geno Smith, but they are the first who should not be fooled into thinking that this may be a parameter for the real challenge they will have next weekend when they host the Buccaneers, where despite being local, they appear with +4.5 in the bets. – LMV

With the passing of the days, Najee Harris has become the spark plug that the Steelers expected for their offense, particularly regarding his role in the passing game, where the deficiencies of the offensive line can be filled with a passing system. short and fast. – RZ

The Patriots made it clear what they are capable of when they play a full game in all areas. It is true that they faced the Jets, but the progress shown week by week shows that this victory was not the work of chance. New England is very close to being that team that nobody wants to face again. – EC

In the cash cut of their season, Minnesota has three losses that have been by an accumulated 11 points, which shows how close they have been in each and every one of their games – even those that have won – but they come four very brave games, two of them as visitors, that will give a definitive direction to his campaign. – LMV

Raise your hand who predicted that, after seven games, Patrick Mahomes was going to be sharing the NFL lead in interceptions thrown. – RZ

The Colts knew how to adapt to the terrible rainy conditions to escape San Francisco with a valuable victory that puts them in the fight for the AFC South. Indianapolis has a chance to continue its rise next week when it hosts the division leaders Titans, however a loss could prematurely clip the wings to its dream of making the playoffs this year. – EC

In some strange way, a team that has not played well is already with a 3-3 record, and now they aspire to spin up to four consecutive wins since they have duels against Panthers and Saints that are at their level or even one notch below as our hierarchical list demonstrates. – LMV

Injuries play a role, of course, but all teams have suffered injuries – some more than others – and not all would have lost to a Browns team with countless absences among its starters, as was the case with Denver last Thursday. . – RZ

The Bears did not compete at any time against the Buccaneers. Justin Fields was demanded from the get-go and ended up throwing three interceptions; This shouldn’t discourage Chicago, but it is a stark reminder that they are still a long way from the contenders. – EC

San Francisco seems to be uncomfortable playing more at home than in someone else’s yard since three of their four losses have been against their people, all in a row, and now they have a real opportunity to get out of the pothole since they play on the road against the Bears, other inconsistent team. – LMV

Ultimately, the Giants found a way to deliver a competitive match across all three facets of the game, resulting in a clear win of the kind that ‘Big Blue’ has long disliked. The next step in the process is more complicated: figuring out how to string together performances like this on consecutive days. – RZ

After a promising start, the Panthers have largely been slumped by the dramatic decline of quarterback Sam Darnold, who has become an interception machine. We’re probably looking at Darnold’s last moments as a starting quarterback in Carolina. – EC

It was a disastrous performance by both teams in the “MNF”, and if something can be rescued from Seattle it was the fact that their defense kept them in the game all the time despite the fact that the offensive line never showed up, as it has been. in recent years. – LMV

He’s far from being a Pro Bowl quarterback, of course, but it doesn’t seem like an exaggeration to say that of the three former young Alabama quarterbacks in the league, Jalen Hurts is the one with the best arguments – narrowly, if you know. wants– in his favor as a long-term answer in the league. – RZ

Taylor Heinicke is trying to show the team that he can be the answer at quarterback, but in that attempt he has made unforgivable turnovers that have doomed Washington for the past three weeks. – EC

What used to be a source of pride for this team is now its Achilles heel: defense. They’re currently the second-to-last in total yards allowed and the second-to-last in passing yards against, but a lot of this is also due to not putting pressure on the opposing quarterback. The good news for them is that their second win of the year may come against Seattle. – LMV

It’s unusual that the Jets entered the season without an acceptable solution at the backup quarterback position. In the absence of Zach Wilson for two to four weeks, now the team was rushed to acquire in exchange an old acquaintance who did not do well at all in his first attempt with the club: Joe Flacco. – RZ

The good news is that Houston’s defense was able to hold off the Cardinals’ powerful attack for a quarter; the bad news is that his attack disappeared again and the Texans ended up losing again by beating. – EC

Miami suffered its sixth consecutive loss and three of those setbacks have been by three points or less, although we are not going to say that they were against hierarchical rivals so that their fans have something to show off. With Deshaun Watson they could be a little better but he is not going to fix a disappointing defense either. – LMV

There are some who have focused on highlighting the fighting spirit of the Lions, underlining that several of their losses have been very close and consummated in the final moments. However, don’t forget that that last missing step is by far the most difficult for Dan Campbell’s pupils. – RZ

They participate in the elaboration of the NFL Power Rankings for ESPN: Erick Cervantes (EC), Luis Miguel Vasavilbaso (LMV) and Rafa Zamorano (RZ)

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