Caleb Plant’s X-ray, according to Eddy Reynoso


Eddy reynoso stopped to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of Caleb Plant, the next rival of Saul Alvarez for its total unification.

Although the first rounds will be the most difficult, the coach Reynoso assured that Canelo Alvarez will beat Caleb Plant. He will make history and fulfill the objective of sweeping a division, to be the undisputed champion.

“It’s going to be difficult in the first rounds,” he commented. Eddy of the fight before Plant. “Then experience, strength and the best boxing skills will prevail. Canelo has an advantage. At the end of the day we are going to win all the championships as we had planned. We are ready”.

Canelo He will arrive at the lawsuit on November 6 with a preparation of almost four months. He will face a fighter who will try to cope at the MGM Grand. For Plant, to go out to the clash would be to give the victory to the Mexican, as he said Reynoso.

“He is a peeler who works his legs very well,” he analyzed. Reynoso. “That he bases his triumphs on being boxing, working around the ring, with good defense. Confront Saul and wanting to go out to the clash would be giving away the fight, he is going to try to cope with it, to be moving in the ring and that is why the first rounds can be complicated ”.

Eddy Reynoso and Canelo’s plan to beat Caleb Plant

Eddy reynoso stated that from the first rounds they will seek to pressure Plant, of whom he reiterated has good defense and that his greatest virtue is his left hand.

“The greatest virtue is the left hand, it has good handling,” he commented. “He works his legs well, he has good defense, we work to try to pressure him, we will go out from the first round to pressure the fight.”

Plant is not Mayweather, according to Eddy

Finally, he made it clear that despite the comparisons that have been made that the style of Plant is similar to Floyd mayweather is false, and what Canelo will win on November 6.

“They have commented that the style of Mayweather is similar to Plant and it is totally false ”, he assured Eddy reynoso. “It is more spindly and stronger, we have faced all kinds of styles, Erislandy Lara I think one of the most complicated, at the beginning of the career of Canelo There were complicated rivals, but we have come this far because we have faced all kinds of styles and we have come out ahead, so on November 6 it is not going to get complicated, we are going to have a great fight and we are going to win ”.

Defeat of Canelo Álvarez
Floyd Mayweather Jr. categorically defeated Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in 2013.

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