Finito López sees Jackie Nava winning over Barby Juárez

El Finito López ve ganadora a Jackie Nava sobre la Barby Juárez

Although Mariana “Barby” Juárez and Jackie Nava arrive on equal grounds to their fight on Saturday, the former boxer Ricardo “Finito” López considered that the Aztec Princess has a better chance of winning.

“It is a fight where the coin is in the air,” said the Finito Lopez in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “But I see a lot of possibilities for him to win Jackie Nava”.

Ricardo Lopez, who finished her professional career undefeated with 51 victories and a draw, commented that the Tijuana fighter has among her virtues that she is fast and good technique, which she should take advantage of.

“The two arrive with great enthusiasm, there they go in age,” said the Finito Lopez. “We will see the boxing of Jackie Nava, who has good technique and is fast ”.

Finito López warns about cuts on Barby’s face

Of the Barby juarez, the one who was straw champion of the CMB, AMB and OMB, and light fly monarch of the FIBHe said that his performance will have to be seen, especially because in recent fights he has been hurt in the face.

“You have to see how it unfolds Mariana Juarez“Added the Finito López. “In the last duels” it comes out very cut, very injured in the face, due to the same age, so many years in boxing you hit them and they become inflamed, we will have to see how it unfolds Mariana”.

Finito Lopez it was forceful. The fight will be this Saturday when Nava and Juarez meet in the Municipal Auditorium of Tijuana, a duel where the super bantamweight diamond belt of the CMB.

The Aztec Princess He arrives with a professional record of 38-4-4, 16 via knockout, and has won nine titles in two divisions, seven in super bantamweight and two in bantamweight. The BarbyFor his part, he has a record of 55-10-4, 19 before the limit, and has won five world titles in three divisions: fly, super fly and bantamweight.

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